Learn About Kabbalah with the Help of the Kabbalah Centre

What Really Is Kabbalah?

There is a lot of misconceptions about Kabbalah out there. You may have heard that Kabbalah is a religion or way of life. The answer is that it is neither. Kabbalah is simply an interpretation of the Torah or Jewish holy books of Judaism through a spiritual lens. It also involves looking at the writings of the holy books of Judaism such as the Torah through a mystical point of view as well. It is not just a historic, personal or fundamentalist interpretation of the Torah but a spiritual and mystical interpretation that attempts to explain some of the wonders of the universe.


Some Basic Elements Of Kabbalah

Kabbalah teaches us that we are all interconnected. Our actions and our thoughts directly influence others whether we realize their impact or choose to acknowledge this or not. We are all bound by a divine light or energy that is found in all living beings.

Another point of Kabbalah is that what you put into the universe is what you will get back. There is a belief that is very similar to Karma in kabbalah. If you do good things to people, then good things will flow back to you.

One of the core beliefs of Kabbalah is that all humans have a soul. The Kabbalah view of a soul is different then image of the soul we are used to. There are several stages of soul according to Kabbalah such as the Nefesh Behamit which is the lower order soul which experiences physical pleasures. The other part of the soul is the Nefesh Elokit which is known as the higher order self. It involves the mind and emotions.


How Can You Better Understand And Apply Kabbalah To Your Life?

There are many books and manuscripts about Kabbalah out there. Where do you start off learning about this mystical wisdom? A good way to start off is by enrolling in a class at the Kabbalah Centre.

The Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1984 by Rabbi Philip Berg. Having studied Kabbalah for many years, Rabbi Berg wanted to make the knowledge of Kabbalah available to every single person and not just scholars studying Judaism. The Kabbalah Centre offers both online classes taught by staff who have studied the Kabbalah and are authorities on it.
You can check out the Kabbalah Centre website for more information and to find out if there is a Kabbalah Centre near you. Kabbalah Centre also published books on the subject of Kabbalah which can be used to help you understand Kabbalah and apply it to your daily life.

George Soros Prepares and Plans for Trump Presidency

There were a huge amount of polls that came out, literally from every angle that showed that Hillary Clinton would not only win the presidency and head to the white house in 2017, but that she would win in a major landslide. Nearly every single media outlet was on the same page and there were even major parties that were set to take place as Hillary won on November 8th, but this was not the outcome that was to be. Donald Trump shocked the world and won the presidency, which has left people like George Soros in a confusing position. There is no doubt that he had not anticipated this, as he had put so much money into funding the election, while increasing the chance that illegal immigrants would vote and focusing on other measures that would help Hillary Clinton out.

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The expectation that Hillary Clinton would get into office and the shocking results of a Donald Trump presidency for the next four years has left Soros in a precarious position, but anyone that knows what he is about and what he has done over his career knows that he is going to get right back on the attack. Instead of preventing Trump from getting into the white house, George Soros is now formulating a plan to stop the effects that Trump is going to have on the nation. This means that Soros and his team are going to do whatever they can to stop the changes that Trump has promised to make in the United States. This comes down to social issues in large part, as social issues in the United States is something that Soros is heavily involved in. It seems that the strategy that Soros has adopted is one that is more on the defensive side, rather than the strong offensive stance that he and the Democratic party has had over the last eighteen months or so.

While it is too late to stop a Donald Trump presidency, in the eyes of George Soros and the rest of the investors that paid heavily into the Hillary Clinton campaign, Soros thinks there are still things that can be done to lessen the blow. One thing that George Soros is also trying to prevent, is the absolute dismantling of the Obama administration. Trump has vowed to repeal and remove Obama care, change immigration policy, stop illegals from entering the country, as well as a huge amount of other things that are in direct opposition to what Obama had in mind, as well as the beliefs that George Soros holds. There is no question that there is going to be a battle over these issues in the upcoming years, but Donald Trump holds the key and is in the best position to make changes as he now sees fit.

Reference: http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/

Securus Technologies Are Experts At Safety

When Securus Technologies is sought after by a company, it is because of their expertise in solving and preventing crimes. They are experts at what they do, and they have the ability to create new ways to fight crime. This means that in a corrections facility where they do a lot of business, they protect all people from crime, even the prisoners themselves.


In order for the public to know more about what they do, they published an article. In the article, they include a lot of comments from officials that they have done business with in the facilities. They also invited investors, as well as those that are interested to visit their headquarters. There they will see what Securus Technologies does, and what they are working on in order to keep the public safe, and to solve and prevent crimes. They have a great presentation in mind, and their headquarters is located in Dallas, TX for those that are interested in learning more about them.


Securus Technologies is a company that believes in the safety of the public at all cost. Securus Technologies uses various techniques like videos, investigations and incident reports to solve and prevent crimes. Since they work with correction facilities all across the country, they deal with over a million prisoners every year. They assist in both the civil and criminal sectors, and they want to make the world a better place for people to live. They will continuously create new ways to ensure that the public is safe at all times. In the future, the public will surely hear more about Securus Technologies, and their latest accomplishments.

Doe Deere Provides New Energy for Cosmetics

Doe Deere is giving people the opportunity to experience cosmetics in a much different way. She is not letting anyone stand in the way to her success. Doe Deere has made it possible for many people to appreciate the different types of cosmetics that she has produced. There is a definite buzz around her brand, and her new style is changing the cosmetics world as consumers know it.

The buzz has spread because there is a certain amount of energy that the brand has received through social media circles. Lime Crime has a million followers. People are seeing the shades of lipstick that are posted, and they really get the chance to see all that this brand offers because it is constantly changing. There is a lip gloss line for children and adults that like lip gloss. There are also some people that want the eyeliner.

Doe Deere calls herself the Unicorn Queen. She stays glued to her social media, and the fans are expecting her to build a presence in the industry. There is a large amount of fanfare around what is happening in the cosmetics industry today, but Doe Deere has her own agenda and her own fan base. She doesn’t waste any time trying to look at the issues that are going on in the cosmetics industry. She has certainly built a strong fan base, so she didn’t have to worry all that much about the marketing that others are doing on television. Doe Deere is in her own lane, and she presents her own products.

There are many people that want to try something that is different from what they have used in the past. Doe Deere has made it possible for people to try types of lipstick that they never had any access to in the past. These shades are quite bold and daring. Doe Deere has done something that many other people may not know anything about. She has managed to stay in touch with her fans and produce the type of cosmetics that people are raving about online. She has the mindset of a marketing profession, and she works hard to secure her spot at the top.

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