What The OSI Group Has Been Able To Accomplish

Located in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group is viewed as a premier supplier of meat processors that service both the food service industries and retail brands. According to many, OSI supplies custom value-added products to some of the world’s leading food retailer brands and industries. Some of these commodities include hot dogs, pizza, poultry, fish, meat patties and vegetable products. The company has worked together with some of the world’s leading food providers to offer concept-to-table alternatives that are seen to delight consumers worldwide.

What makes the OSI group be in a position to offer great ability to produce, distribute and source solutions is the financial and infrastructural resources available. At the center of the company, is the entrepreneurial agility and passion that brings the customers and the company’s employees together, turning ideas into success.

With the help of the extensive capabilities the OSI group can reach, they have been in a position of delivering food products that fit any operation and contribute to maximizing the opportunities present. These capabilities include a global supply chain management from the sourcing stage to processing and later distribution. With this, OSI can offer;

• Efficient supply chain expertise
• Food solutions depending on your specifications
• Assurance practice in unsurpassed food safety practices.
• Innovative designs that help in facilitating your meal ideas into reality.
• Commitment to sustain their extensive network

OSI core values and where it operates

OSI group operates in more than fifteen countries with around sixty facilities and more than twenty thousand employees. With such a committed workforce, OSI is focused on making quality food products and support in the global operations with consistency. The OSI group is governed by core values that help them in ensuring their customers get quality experience anywhere in the world.

Some of these core values that guide the group include;
• Integrity
• Working as a team and not individually
• Partnering relationships with other industries
• Exploring innovative solutions
• Striving to improve at all times and continuously
• Always doing what is best for the group.
With having these values, the OSI can offer quality service in ensuring all their customers are happy. All the employees are aware of these values, and they work hand in hand to ensure the OSI group becomes better than they found it. They view each other as a family, not a fellow workmate which pushes them to greater limits.

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