Mike Baur Lends Support To Others’ Dreams Through Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a businessman and entrepreneur from Switzerland. Before beginning his current venture, he worked in the Swiss banking industry for more than two decades. After earning his undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester and an MBA from the University of Berne, he began his financial career. He worked his way up from being a commercial apprentice to becoming an executive board member at a large Swiss Private Bank.



Later in life, he quit his successful job to begin a new adventure and help others become successful. Mike Baur co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 with his two other partners. At the age of 39, he would create what would become the number one privately financed, independent startup accelerator program in the country.



Mike Baur has participated as a jury member at a startup pitching contest at the University of St. Gallen, called the START Summiteer. Aside from being an executive chairman at the Swiss Startup Factory, he is also the Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest, a company that partnered with his own Swiss Startup Factory.



The brain child of Mike Baur and his co-founders, the Swiss Startup Factory, is on a mission to take small startup companies and turn them into international sensations that disrupt current business norms. The factory runs a startup accelerator program that is fast becoming the global standard for every other accelerator program in the world. Through this accelerator program, the Swiss Startup Factory provides each and every startup with every service they may need from start to finish.



Their accelerator program, run mostly by Mike Baur, takes ideas to market within 3 months. The program is done in two batches throughout the year in which the most talented startups are selected. These startups build and learn over the course of three months, reaching ambitious business and team milestones. The Swiss Startup Factory even helps them after the program is over, offering them a network of experts and professionals within the industry.



Mike Baur has even led the initiative to create the Swiss Startup Factory’s Female Founder Network, which aims to connect female founders with other female founders. This program also opens doors to mentors and investors while still providing ongoing support through the Swiss Startup Factory’s strong network. The Swiss Startup Factory’s Female Founder Network’s goal is to break down the barriers for women and increase the number of female-founded startups.


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