Securus Technologies Asks Prison Officials About Using Technology To Solve Crimes

When it comes to solving crimes who would know more about that than the prison and jail officials tasked with handling these situations every day? They have keen insight that the rest of us simply may not have to deal with on a daily basis. As such, Securus Technologies, a leader in inmate communications technologies asked these officials to offer their opinions about what can be done to use technology to prevent crime.


The company received thousands of responses to their request for information, and many of these responses contained very vital information which will help the company develop new products going forward that may be used to help prevent crimes in the future.


One letter said that the use of call monitoring technology within the jails was great because they were able to use this technology to sniff out illegal activities being requested over the phone. This came in the form of drug deals, money laundering, and other activities. If the call monitoring activity was not in place, then the jail would not have known that this was going on. They were able to put their foot down and stop it in its tracks.


Another official was happy with the new reporting technology and data keeping standards that are available because it means that trends can be identified in the data. If there are illegal activities happening or there is a way to understand where certain crimes are likely to occur, then one can start to understand how to react to that.


Securus is committed to increasing the use of new technologies to help prevent crime and to monitor what is happening in the jails. They work hard each year to put more money into research and development of new products that they can put out to the market.


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