Wardens and corrections officers love Securus video visitation systems

In the United States prison system, one of the most serious concerns is inmates completely losing hope. An inmates who perceives himself as having nothing to live for may become dangerous to himself, other prisoners and corrections officers. It is one of the goals of the prison system to successfully re-socialize inmates, not to drive them further into isolation, antisocial behavior and the criminal lifestyle.

One of the ways in which this is being addressed is the increase capability of inmates to stay in constant contact with their loved ones. Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s leading providers of inmate communication services, has been rolling out its highly innovative video visitation system over the last 10 years. The system has been a gigantic hit with inmates as well as staff, leading to safer institutions and inmates who have a sense of hope and something to live for.

But the system has also been a huge boon to the families of the incarcerated, enabling children to stay in touch with their incarcerated fathers, parents being able to stay in touch with their children and wives being able to stay in touch with their husbands. This has also represented dramatic savings to families, who, prior to the use of VoIP-based communications technology, were often forced to pay exorbitant rates, in order to talk with their incarcerated loved ones.

Today, a video visitation typically costs less than $0.15 per minute. This allows inmates to stay in almost daily contact with their loved ones. Corrections officers have noticed a dramatic decline in behavioral problems and security violations in the institutions where Securus video visitation systems have been installed.

Not only does this system keep inmates themselves safe and give them purpose in life, it also keeps the corrections officers and other staff, who are charged with keeping America’s prisons running, themselves safe from violent inmates who have lost all hope.

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