Norman Pattiz unveils Mr. Laers’ show to be aired on PodcastOne

The PodcastOne through the Los Angeles Newswire announced that it would be having a renowned writer, director, and producer of various sitcoms that gained viewership all over the world. Maude, The Jefferson, One Day at a Time are some of the productions that have catapulted Norman Lear to the state of recognition and respect among producers and other directors. Learn more:

One particular person who is impressed with his work is Norman Pattiz the owner of the, and he announced how glad he is to be hosting the legendary Norman Lear and gave a snippet of what is coming on the podcast. Listeners will be engaged in real time issues ranging from music, social issues, political talks, current events and many others in line.

At the age of 74, he is involved in other critical roles with connections to seven board membership in seven consortiums extending across five different industries. Norman established the Westwood One Inc. in the year 1974 taking up the role of the Chief Executive Officer up to 1994. At the Broadcast Education Association, he served as the President. From the year 2001 to date, Pattiz works as an affiliate of the governing board at the University of California. His other associations include the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and securities. The PodcastOne is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California in the United States operating for many years with Norman’s experience spanning for over 40 years. Westwood one owned and run the NBC radio networks, CNN radio, CBS news among other great shows in America. His notable efforts saw Pattiz chosen and later reappointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors in both President Clinton and Bush Administrations. The board is tasked to manage the nonmilitary broadcasts such as Radio Liberty, the voice of America among others. His brilliance to excellence saw him start the America’s Arabic language television and radio that covers about 22 countries of the middle east attracting a close to 40 million listeners across the countries. This Catapulted Mr. Pattiz also known as Norm to his recognition and was awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Award and also inducted into the National Radio Hall of fame. He takes great strides in bringing new ideas to fruition and considers implementation process a very critical aspect before proceeding to the next step. Pattiz resides with his family in Beverly Hills for close to 30 years now.


Aloha Construction Stands Out in Roofing Art

According to, it’s obvious that the industry of construction is among the economic drivers that produced the largest number of new employment in July, as opposed to the earlier months. Last year, at the same period, the industry had added 18,000 new jobs. Hence, the additional 6,000 jobs generated this year in July were just a third of the employment created in July last year.That decline in that field can be attributed to the government transition period of last year and thus, because of the many unpredictability of the political change, lots of property developers and home builders were in a slow-moving period regarding work.

Lots of construction companies like Aloha Construction were not as busy just after the elections.Although an upward progression has been seen mainly because at least each month, through 2017, there have been new construction jobs, which imply that the firms are busier regarding work.The industry of construction has numerous companies; a majority of them have specialized in a specific industry niche.For example, Aloha Construction, in Lake Zurich, IL is specializing in the roofing sector of the construction procedure.

Specialization makes Aloha Construction stand out and continues developing itself further into becoming an expert in the art of roofing. Aloha Construction provides services in gutter, siding, roofing works.They have contractors capable of doing all kinds of roofs like metal, asphalt, steep, plus any other roof types to suit the need of the client. Because of their expertise in the field, Aloha Construction has gotten many contacts to do roofing many times.Aloha Construction tips for ensuring your dog is safe during house renovations.

  1. Keep an eye on your dog.
  2. Routine is key for your dog.
  3. Have fun, exercise, and play together with your dog.
  4. Keep your dog away from dangerous things like mold, toxic fumes, mold, and power tools.