Dr. Mark McKenna Seeks To Bring Cosmetic Treatment To The Masses

Cosmetic treatment is often thought of as a luxury for the monied masses of Beverly Hills and Palm Beach. One physician and entrepreneur seeks to disrupt the cosmetic medical industry with an ingenious idea. The idea, to create a company that makes Botox treatments as easy as hailing a ride from Uber.

Dr. Mark McKenna‘s company OVME is a nationwide network that matches clients with cosmetic medical providers. In a business that is fragmented with local providers servicing local clients, OVME seeks to give a nationwide solution to people who want to find a safe and reliable, licensed Botox treatment provider.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s journey to OVME could find its roots almost two decades ago. That is when the young New Orleans based medical student sought to feed his entrepreneurial hunger by moonlighting at a local prison, performing physicals at $50 an hour. Dr. McKenna then used this money to invest in real estate. Dr. McKenna soon found himself as both a physician and a real estate entrepreneur. The doctor’s real estate career ended when Hurricane Katrina hit, followed by the housing crash of 2008.

Dr. Mark McKenna afterward relocated to Atlanta and opened a cosmetic medical practice known as ShapeMed. The business was a success with Dr. McKenna accepting a buyout of ShapeMed in 2014. Though the physician had sold his cosmetic medical practice for millions, he was not completely out of the cosmetic medical business.

Seeing an opportunity to disrupt the fragmented cosmetic medical business, Dr. Mark McKenna started OVME, a nationwide network of cosmetic medical providers. Clients simply go on the OVME app and find a provider in their area. OVME then makes the connection between the client and the provider. Dr. Mark McKenna envisions a future where great care come at the push of a button. With OVME, the physician and entrepreneur’s dream will become a reality in just about every city in America.

Matt Badiali Advises to Invest in Copper!

With the notion of “investing”, most people immediately turn to stocks, bonds, start-ups and so on. The lack of interest for less mainstream investment has made these options some of the most profitable decision one can make. This includes investing in less conventional things such as natural resources. Matt Badiali is one of the leaders in this industry where he has profited in the past.

According to Badiali, many people are unaware of the potential because of their unfamiliarity with geology. To help the ones who fall into this group, he has spent the last 11 years writing articles on good investment opportunities for the Banyan Hill. The ultimate result is a collection of research, advice, notes, discoveries and more important factors that prospective investors can thoroughly analyze. Click here to read this articles about Real Wealth Strategist:https://forexvestor.com/real-wealth-strategist-review

Badiali holds a B.S. Degree in Earth Sciences from the Penn State University as well as a Masters in Geology from the Florida Atlantic University. His approach to his field of expertise is hands-on-oriented as he prefers to witness changes. Due to the fact that he operates in such a manner, this writes has visited countless countries on various continents including Iraq, Haiti, Turkey, Hong Kong and more.

One of the latest articles from Badiali inform the readers that copper is the right investment to make in late 2017. In order to generate profit, one must buy something at a low price and sell it at a higher one. This is the reason why Badiali believes copper will provide investors with a hefty return. According to him and a lot of data he overviews, China has recently seen a spike in the amount of copper required.

Since China is known as the world’s largest commodity consumer, the fact that the demand for copper would go up means that the prices will too. Also, Badiali showcases data from Bloomberg that clearly demonstrates how copper imports have hit a record in November of this year which was only a few weeks ago.

Since the most convenient way to invest in copper is through stocks that are traded on the New York Stock Exchange, Badiali advises investors to look into SCCO and FCX. Both of these have recently seen a reduction in price which is something that should be viewed as an opportunity. Badiali believes that one could purchase either one of these two stocks and simply wait for China to bring copper prices back up!

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Former Corrections Officer Helps in Disconnecting Inmates’ Cell Phones

Robert Johnson has been narrating his story for the last seven years to anybody who pays attention. It is his motivation of going on with his mission to keep cell phones out of inmates’ reach. Mr. Johnson believes that the whole community is in danger when inmates get access to cell phones.


Robert Johnson’s Story


In 2010, Robert Johnson, a native of Delray Beach, used to work at the Lee Correctional Institution based in South Carolina. He had worked in the corrections department for fifteen years and was charged with the duty of confiscating contraband. Mr. Johnson was so good at his job that it nearly cost him his life. He vividly recalls that two weeks before his shooting incident, they had managed to intercept a large package, valued at $50,000. On March 5, 2010 in the morning at around 5:30 a.m., he was attacked at home. He distracted the intruder towards his hallway in order to save his sleeping wife. He struggled with the attacker but he got the better of him and pushed him backwards. He then shot him six times in his stomach and chest. He was quickly rushed to hospital where the doctors thought he would not make it and when he did they called it a miracle. A suspect was arrested and charged with the attempt on his life. The hit was planned using a contraband phone.


Robert Johnson’s Mission


Despite having 23 surgeries in seven years and being in pain constantly, he has not slowed in his mission. He aims to prevent crimes perpetrated by inmates using contraband phones. He recently addressed this issue to the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC cannot jam the signals in correctional facilities due to an existing legislation. Different states are therefore looking at other technology-driven ways to sort this issue. Mr. Johnson is now a consultant for Securus Technologies, which uses a Wireless Containment System to bar inmates’ calls.


Securus’ Wireless Containment Solutions


Securus Technologies has the only tested, proven and accepted contraband interdiction technology that has been effective in a prison environment. This technology has allowed Securus to detect and prevent more than 1.7 million unlawful communication efforts from a total of eight correctional facilities in the U.S. Recently, a video recorded by an inmate brandishing a knife at Evans Correctional Institution made rounds on the internet to the nation’s shock and dismay. Securus’ Wireless Containment Solutions aims at detecting and preventing incidents such as these and others similar to it. The new technology has received a lot of accolades as many people view it as an effective way of keeping the public safe. Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus revealed that the company had invested more than $40 million and counting in the new technology and will continue doing so to make it the most effective means of keeping contraband cellphones away from inmates.