Academy of Art University: A Mission of Excellence

Excellence comes from hard work, from dedication and from determination. In every field of work, there are individuals that stand out amongst the crowd. When it comes to higher-learning institutions that specialize in the arts, few institutions can outperform the Academy of Art University. This prestigious school is located in beautiful San Francisco, California. Its urban campus has an abundance of state-of-the-art buildings, its teaching staff is highly educated, and its students receive education from a variety of liberal arts subjects. This school is for those who are aspiring to be in the exclusive fields of the arts, in design or in communications.


Creative aspirations and professional knowledge goes hand-to-hand and it would be extremely hard trying to find a more progressive institution than this. Academy of Art University has a long history of success, and it was founded back in 1929. The total amount of education that’s running through these hallowed halls can’t be put into words. The school offers many graduate degrees, offers undergraduate degrees as well as offers certificates. Students here can also attain certification from portfolio development programs. Every base is being covered here.

New York City, New York, is the place to be every year in September. The city’s famous New York Fashion Week is a week-long affair of eclectic designer attire and eclectic people. These designers come from everywhere around the globe, and they bring their own personal styles for viewing. Academy of Art University is no stranger to this extraordinary event as it has been a participant for 21 straight years. Yes, this school is on its 21st trip down the runway. Can you imagine the amount of hard work that goes into participating in such of a grand event? Academy of Art University surely dazzled the crowds by strutting its stuff.


Other interesting facts about this school is that it actually owns an automotive museum that consists of 200 vintage cars and in 2015, its cross-country men’s track team finished in second place in the championships of the Pacific West Conference.


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