Saygus’ Appreciative Review of NewsWatch TV

Saygus is the creator of the V-Squared smartphones, they needed to hire a professional media team to help them to promote their brand new smartphones. They chose NewsWatch TV and they were deeply impressed with the results. NewsWatch TV compiled reviews for Saygus and launched perfectly-executed online campaigns and even broadcasted them on national television. The review segments produced by NewsWatch were from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, during the unveiling of a brand new Saygus smartphone. The reviews were also used for their Indiegogo funding campaign and the smartphone company raised over $1.3 million.


One of Saygus’ team members, Tim Rush of marketing and PR, was very appreciative of NewsWatch TV and what they had delivered. “The video is extremely professional and when working with consumer brands, it’s extremely important to get the right message delivered in the right way, at the right time, to the right medium and NewsWatch was able to do that.


NewsWatch TV is an informative American television series that dedicates their time slot to air consumer electronic reviews, celerity interviews, breaking news that are government or healthcare related, app reviews, public service announcements and various other segments. Many celebrities have appeared on the show including Jennifer Lawrence and Woody Harrelson. The show won a silver Telly Award in 2016 for their work and they were also honored to be nominated for another.


NewsWatch first aired in March during the early ’90s and primarily focused on financial related topics. They changed their prior format to cover a wide range of relevant topics and ultimately switched to focus on technology and consumer reviews. NewsWatch TV have produced more than 1,200 episodes since their first air date. The company’s headquarters are located in Washington, D.C., they have branches in Virginia, New York City and Colorado.


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