Sussex HealthCare To Even Better Their Services Through Their New CEO Amanda Taylor

Sussex Health Care is a support service and care center that is located in Horsham, Sussex, United Kingdom. This is an award-winning care homes provider that has been in operation for over 25 years. Sussex offers a wide range of care services from caring for the elderly, neurological care, caring for people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as well as those with learning and physical disabilities. All the services offered by Sussex are quality and at the same time, person-centered.

Sussex Health Care has 20 homes spread over the region. All the homes have their operations running 24/7, this ensures that the in-house members are well taken care of. Sussex Health Care understands that being disease-free is not the only component of a happy, healthy life, and have gone ahead to incorporate social and recreational programs, such as dancing, crafting, quizzes, games, cooking, fun events, and much more. In addition to that, the homes have specialist therapies which are fit for treating several conditions. The equipment for the therapies is set in a special-purpose area which is set aside for all therapeutic activities. They also have a new gym that is open even to the locals.


For the elderly, a peaceful, calm, warm, and safe environment is essential since it helps them lead a comfortable and enjoyable life. Sussex Health Care has ensured that the environment of their homes meet all these conditions and more so it is inviting. Another thing that is so impressive with Sussex Health Care is their emphasis on is proper, healthy diet. They ensure that their meals are not only balanced but also prepared with the fresh and local ingredients. This makes Sussex more of a home to their clients than just another healthcare service.

Sussex Appoint Amanda Taylor.
Recently, Sussex Health Care hired a new CEO, Amanda Morgan Taylor. This is a clear indication that Sussex Organization is dedicated to making all their services and operations much better. Amanda has a rich experience in the healthcare sector which makes her perfect for the CEO role. Previously, she has been working as an operational manager dealing with healthcare organizations which are undergoing deep transitions. Her career began in 1984 when she worked as a mental health nurse and a service manager. Since then Amanda has helped a series of prestigious positions such as managing director and Development Manager.

Amanda has a great value for quality service and compliance which she handles using an integrated approach. This compliments Sussex Health Care which has a high value for quality services.


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