Brief Information about Ronald Fowlkes

This will give information about a man named Ronald Fowlkes a part owner of a company called FirstSpear and Manager of Business Development of Eagle Industries. Fowlkes has gained over twenty years of experience in the fields of delivery, design, and development. This is for gear that is in top quality meant for officer and enlisted over the armed services. He also gained involvement in the Police Department in St. Louis.

Fowlkes gained his interest while he was doing work in the U.S Marine Corps. In the gear everyone had he found ones from First Spear. He noticed that it was made and designed well. Also, the rigors were lasting and had been put through really well. Later, when he joined SWAT and noticed the equipment was the same, he knew he needed to figure out more information. He got really interested when finding out it was constructed in his hometown. It is also important to note that they obtained their money from efficient marketing activities and trade shows. Also, a majority is from the field. There are also contacts that work in the enforcement of State law and local. However, they discovered that the users are those who often recommend them. Finally, Fowlkes believes that the company’s most satisfactory moment was the success it has given. Fowlkes feels very responsible for it as well.

Fowlkes has a routine for every day and makes it productive. One way is balancing office jobs and personal hustle and bustle. He begins by making sure his three kids go off to school and from there begin his workday. He wouldn’t consider his day a 9-5 one rather it could begin will calls early in the morning. This occurs because he has many international contacts, thirty-five percent of this business belongs to NATO. The first thing he does in the office is respond to phone messages and emails. He also looks into any giant order he gets in the production pipeline to make sure that they are in a good place.

Also, Fowlkes believes that teamwork is a strong influencer in the success of his ideas. Finally, a direction that gives him excitement is patenting products in order to keep them from getting copied. In order to help them they use new tube and laser cutting technology. They figured out that this both made the load lighter and took out close to forty percent.

Now a quick recap of one part of Fowlkes’s blog. He did many about the sport of hockey. One was about Henrik Lundqvist a goaltender form the New York Rangers. This player for thirteen back-to-back seasons. The blog gives examples of some games, like the comeback with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Lundqvist Achieves Another 20-Win Season


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