How Eterneva Is Expanding Successfully And Helping More Families During Their Grief Process

Eterneva, Austin, Texas-based firm, is popular in producing diamonds from the ashes of remains of people and pets. The process involves the extraction of carbon under extreme pressure from the deceased ashes to forms the diamond. The diamonds are a source of remembrance of departed close persons and pets and create a meaningful connection with clients and loved ones. The process of producing the soulful remembrance diamonds takes eight months. Clients have an opportunity to customize the end product by selecting their favorite size, inscription, color, and cut. Throughout the process, clients are well informed on the progress through letters and live video footage, especially during the manufacturing process and packaging. Eterneva enhances the customer experience by engaging efficient courier services firms to deliver the diamonds. The Austin firm’s achievements have made it feature in the Inc’s List of 30 under 30.

Eterneva’s partnership with Phaneuf Funeral Homes is helping the firm expand its services to Vermont and New Hamshire residents. The partnership brings newer innovation to death care, a more personalized grief journey, and an advanced memorial option. Since the pandemic stroke, many families have lost their loved ones. Therefore, the Austin-based firm is helping the deceased during the grieving process by offering multiple memorial options. The firm had earlier partnered with Columbus, OH-based funeral and cremation firm Schoedinger Funeral & Cremation Services.

Since the start-up began its operations in 2017, it has continued to attract thousands of Americans. So far, Eterneva has served more than 500 clients with the memorial diamonds and other legacy projects. According to Eterneva’s CEO and co-founder, Adelle Archer, the firm is committed to lifting families during their grief process.

Eternerva is growing tremendously hence demanding more investment. In 2020, the Austin diamond-producing firm raised $3 Million for growth purposes. The finances were specifically for expanding its production facility to prepare at least 75 diamonds yearly. The company has brought in more investors, including Springdale, NextCoast, Castle Island, So Gal, and other individual investors.

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