The Founder Stephen Bittel

In response to COVID-19, Terranova, led by Bittel, definitely has pushed its group development mission forward. For restaurants, outdoor dining is crucial. In a statement, Stephen Bittel said, “We will be able to join and celebrate between the stars by launching our rooftop at the Miami Beach. In the near future, in a social environment on one of the only rooftops on Lincoln Road, guests will dine and drink together.” Apart from making space for outside collections, Terranova was also a pioneer in COVID leasing. The leadership of Terranova Corp. Terranova has made its way into the increasingly increasing real-estem by reducing demand prices and attempting temporary occupancy, namely, by retail vacancies in order to fill a growing amount of retail vacancies. In all, four new food hall stands with three new pop-ups.Terranova found its way into the quickly changing propertial landscape by creating more jobs in an effort to fill a growing number of retail vacancies. The small beginnings of Teranova became the beginning of what the company is now – a large company.

The founder and Chairman of the Terranova Group, Stephen Bittel, is an integral part of both immovable industry and Miami, Florida. He has devoted his time with deep roots in the south coastal town not only developing his company but become one of South Florida’s best business real estate companies. Back in Florida to study at the law school at the University of Miami, he started working at school at full time in a business real estate company to help himself but soon discovered his company passion fierce. He has now become one of the largest property salespeople in Florida, with over 1 billion assets owned and operated.