Posigen CEO Thomas Neyhart: Charging Ahead

Thomas Neyhart is the CEO of fast potential. Known for his leadership and management skills he was recently the COO of a large chain retail store named Utica Rentals which included 32 locations and 165 employees across six states. One of his biggest achievements was being named one of the most intriguing entrepreneurs according to Goldman Sachs in 2014. Thomas Neyhart is the chief executive officer of PosieGen. PosieGen is a solar company based out of Oregon that provides the best service possible.


They offer the best service possible, especially for lower to the middle in class income families that would save on multiple expenses monthly and potentially provide a better environment for future generations. Efficient customer service and making a difference in our communities on both a micro and macro level of society is a priority Thomas Neyhart, Posigen CEO, commits himself to. PosiGen offers flexibility in their services by providing customers with either the option to purchase or lease. If purchasing, they offer several financing options including a cash discount and installation is included along with twelve years system monitoring. If leasing the system, the install, maintenance, system monitoring, and energy efficient upgrades are all included along with easy monthly payments and no credit minimum requirement. 


From start to finish, PosiGen puts the needs of their clients first in all aspects of the process. The PosiGen CEO has consistently proven its commitment to high-need communities, where seller opportunities would not normally be available. One of the biggest priorities that come from a successful company’s longevity is an investment and Thomas Neyhart, PosiGen CEO, is well aware of it.  And nobody invests more in the companies than individuals who see a prolonged future in the industry. This task stays true to the values of PosiGen, as they believe a diverse customer base will extend further growth into the future of the industry.

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