The Persistence Of Laura Rea Dickey


Laura Rea Dickey, owner of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant’s Inc, has worked in the restaurant industry for over a decade. Piloting her company through the coronavirus pandemic may have been tricky, but not impossible.

While many restaurants would fold or collapse under the economic uncertainty that the coronavirus pandemic created, Laura Rea Dickey has certainly operated under the principal of survival of the fittest with a motto of “evolve or fail.” Dickey’s itself began as a single location in the 1940’s by a veteran of the first world war. In the first few decades of its existence, the owners made the big decision to become a franchise after their smoked meats proved to be popular.

Dickey’s would quickly spread to 44 states in the country, as well as internationally. The torch of ownership has been passed down several times, most recently in 2006. The owner’s wife, Laura Rea Dickey, became CEO after a corporate restructuring. To accommodate the economic shift from the pandemic, Laura Rea Dickey chose to focus the company’s direction to digital marketing, a decision that has proven to be invaluable.

In addition, Laura’s marketing research skills have helped the franchise adapt to a broader audience. Dickey’s market research found that neon signs would attract more patrons as opposed to Texas state flags. Recipes have been altered and combined to appeal to customers across the country.

Dickey herself has worked in information technology and marketing for over twenty years, and has been responsible for information technology training during her tenure. Click here to learn more.


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