Andrea Natale Providing Innovative Advancements in Electrophysiology

Dr. Andrea NataleThe death cases arising from atrial fibrillation have been rampant for the last 20 years. According to CDC, nearly 12 million individuals are prone to be diagnosed with aFib before 2030. This statistic indeed makes the treatment developments and pioneering work of Andrea Natale more fundamental than ever. Indeed, the reputable doctor is well known across the globe for his work on electrophysiology sector. Fascinated with the prospect of pursuing medicine, he enrolled in the Universita’degli Studi di Firenze to later graduate with a medical degree in cardiology. He later proceeded to the University of Western Ontario for another cardiac electrophysiology residency.

In the United States, he parlayed his effectiveness to complete another fellowship within cardiac electrophysiology. Upon garnering the necessary skill sets and experts in the medical realm, the clinician began his professional career via employment at Duke University. He leveraged his prowess as the Director in the Department of Cardiology and Cardiac Electrophysiology laboratories. He ventured forth to curate his career working with Cleveland Clinic as the driving force of the Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology Department.

During his tenure at Cleveland Clinic, Andrea Natale received a myriad of medical accolades, including The Cleveland Clinic’s Heart-Brain Institute Research Award and Innovator of the Year Award. The clinician also garnered recognition as one of Northern Ohio’s Top Doctors and Cleveland’s Best Doctor. In 2006, the distinguished doctor made a move working with the food and drug administration task force from America. In 2013 and 2014, he ascended to carve a name as one of the reputable and best doctors within the United States.

After his professional career in Ohio, the doctor rendered his prowess at California Pacific Medical Center as Arrhythmia Center Director. Dr. Andrea Natale has built a reputable career in various states. He holds licenses to parlay his capacity in Ohio, New York, Colorado, Texas, and Florida. Moreover, the clinician has curated his professional career as a faculty member at several medical schools such as Case Western University, Stanford University, and Duke University. He also authored various books on cardiac pacing and electrophysiology. Nevertheless, the clinician has lent his breadth of knowledge and experience as a board member and editor for numerous medical journals.