ClassDojo Changing the Dynamics of Learning

ClassDojo has uniquely come to fill in the spaces, especially for the children who want to do something beyond the classroom doors. With the help of their teachers and parents, it can be possible easily through their communication app. Most teachers have amazingly praised the app as it integrates growth videos and photos night the children can relate to, making the classroom sessions successful and exciting.

ClassDojo has been used in more than 180 countries; this translates to the same countries that may use other languages. The app has more than thirty different language translations. Surveys also indicate that its growth is very fast as many kids use the communication app each day, especially those aged four to fourteen.

The company has put huge plans ahead to make ClassDojo big and better. The app remains free, but the founders want to integrate other useful features that will equip learners outside the classroom walls. They will include paid features that will satisfy similar standards to what is taught in school. They target middle-class parents that can not afford to take their children to private schools. With every business, there are many risks taken for their potential, as it is rich in content and highly valuable to help the children navigate from one system to another.

The Founder, Chaudhary, and Don have both experienced the learning system and need to make improvements. Chaudhary was once a teacher at Abu Dhabi while Don was in school to learn Comp-tech, and their collaboration brought the need to help in kids’ growth and better and vibrant learning. The teachers are also able to interact and give feedback very speedily to the learner through surveys on Academies ClassDojo has been found an integral part to those that use the app as it helped in boosting self-control, and they transversed through behavioral conducts.

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