How Laura Rea Dickey Transformed The Dickey Barbecue Restaurants

Educating children about your business always pays at the end of the day. The Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant is a global facility managed by one family for more than seventy years. The leadership and management of the firm has been passed from one generation to the other because everyone gave their children time to learn about the skills and improve the business.

Roland Dickey Jr took charge of the institution over a decade ago from his father. Getting used to running the massive firm was not hard for the young man because he had been in the business all of his life. The vision for the businessman was to bring growth and get into locations his grandfather had not reached. When bringing growth into the family establishment, Roland Dickey had to find someone he could trust in the technology and marketing section. Click here for more information.

There were many people who could market the business and use the latest technology in every department. Roland, however, trusted that his wife, Laura Rea Dickey, had the characteristics he needed for the business. Laura Rea Dickey was still making her first moves in the market when she was approached by her husband to join the global company.

Before joining Dickey Barbecue, Laura Rea Dickey was trying very hard to work with national brands and getting recognized by agencies in the marketing world. Laura Rea Dickey did not want a career shift, but she chose to join her husband to run the business because it was doing well. At the end of the day, Laura chose to serve the global business as a consultant.

Laura’s greatest responsibilities while serving the large institution was to formalize the marketing section, bringing in better technology and communication, ideas that were not being considered in the past. Many years later, Laura Rea Dickey proved to everyone that she got the best position. The business has expanded so much in the recent years.


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