Peter Briger brings his Midas touch to Fortress Investment Group

After completing his Bachelor of Arts degree at Princeton University, Peter Briger would move to Goldman Sachs as an entry-level employee to begin his career. He had always aspired to join the financial world and make the best of it while at it. His career at Goldman Sachs would take him through a very interesting learning, exposing him to the world of deal-making and debt and risk management. This at the time would have seemed as normal part of the job, but what he may never have realized is the impact the skills he was getting would have in the future roles he would take on. He joined various international committees while at Goldman and would take a keen interest on the Asian market. This market was expanding rapidly at the time driven by increased manufacturing and a growing ability to export these products. Peter Briger would go on to head the Asian special investment fund which was directed at this region and was able to do quite a number of deals. He would then become a partner in 1996 after which he would Co-chair various other divisions of the bank. During this period, he would attend the prestigious Wharton school of business where he did his MBA. At this time Fortress investment Group, which had started in 1998 was aggressively expanding and was looking for new talent to head its various new divisions having grown an astonishing sixfold within the first five years. Peter Briger was tapped to join management in 2003 and from that point on, his rise at Fortress began. In 2006 Peter Briger was elected to the Board of Directors a position that came with the ability to make more decisions and influence the direction taken by the group. His influence on the board was immediately felt and by 2007 he was one of the people heading the groups Initial Public Offering. His success at the venture would see him elected Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors and was left in charge of the San Francisco offices. Here he would take a leading role which would see him elected Co-CEO of the organization in 2017.

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