Teachers Having a Say: ClassDojo

Teachers have worked hard to make education fun for their students. Now with the internet reaching around the world apps can help in that department as well. One of the most popular classroom apps that teachers use is called ClassDojo. One of the reasons that it has become as popular as it is is due to the fact that teachers help put the app together and make it fun for not only them but students and parents as well. Here is a little more on that process.

Teachers really love having a say when it comes to educating kids. More than twenty thousand teachers from around the United States. ClassDojo has evolved over the years to make lessons fun for kids. The teachers can adapt it to their lesson plans and get more out of learning. Parents can also receive updates on how their child is doing in the class. Doing good work can earn them points for their avatars and disruptive behavior can take points away.

The reason that ClasDojo worked so well right from the start is due to the founders of the company. When it began in 2011 they spent hours talking to teachers about how to make the app worthwhile to them. That feedback went a long way in helping the company be successful. Now ClassDojo has earned millions of dollars over the years to become one of the most used apps in the world today. This was all due to the fact that they took the time they needed to speak with teachers and allow them to have their say.

ClassDojo proves that you can make it in the business of education if you listen to the right people and take the time to do it right. Teachers are always glad to help companies succeed.

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