Eterneva Works With Researchers To Find the Ideal Role of Anchor Items

What’s the best way to work through grief tied to the loss of a loved one. That might not seem like an answer anyone could actually provide. However, it’s important to remember that all aspects of psychology can be studied through the scientific method. And in fact, two innovative institutions have joined together to examine that very question. The two parties are Eterneva and Baylor University.

Eterneva is well known for its memorial diamonds. These diamonds are artificially created by using the cremated remains of the deceased. Baylor University comes into the picture thanks to Candi Cann, Ph.D. She’s had the opportunity to study various methods of coping with loss in her role as a grief researcher and associate professor at Baylor University. It’s easy to see why these two parties are an ideal match to study how anchor items can help people through the grieving process.

Dr. Cann puts particular emphasis on the fact that anchor items, like memorial diamonds, provide us with a way to create new positive associations with the deceased. We obviously spend a lot of time looking at our shared past when thinking about a lost loved one. However, the reality is that we’re all moving forward. People might feel that their only option is to leave a loved one in the past. This is in large part due to the fact that by looking back we tend to focus on what we no longer have. We know it isn’t healthy to hold on to our sadness. But at the same time, we don’t want to leave our loved ones in the past.

Dr. Cann points out that anchor items give us a physical reminder that our loved ones are always going to be a part of our life. One of the main points is that with Eterneva the reminder can take a form that’s inherently positive. When we look at diamonds we feel all the joy inherent in a beautiful gemstone. This helps us to create a positive association between the present and our history with the deceased. Click on the link to subscribe: to know more.