BeachBody Increases Momentum

BeachbodyLosing weight is a long, slow battle for most people. Carl Daikeler established the BeachBody program in order to speed up weight loss and increase a person’s chances of success. During the first part of his career, Daikeler was a producer for the National Football League. He created and implemented halftime shows for five years, and this experience taught him about capturing and maintaining the interest of a vast audience.

In 1990, Daikeler joined the burgeoning infomercial industry. People were flocking to infomercials to try new products. Most of what Daikeler produced there was for health and fitness. He noticed that products related to weight loss and healthy eating were popular, and he wanted to find out why and capitalize on it. After speaking with countless individuals, Carl Daikeler learned that people preferred exercising at home. Cost, convenience, shame, embarrassment and time commitments were among the reasons why.

By 1998, Daikeler had the plans in place for BeachBody. He launched it with great fanfare, and it was a success from the start. People enjoyed the opportunity to exercise at home. They only needed to have the DVDs and a DVD player. No fancy workout clothes, fees or equipment were required. Daikeler’s customers asked him to make a wider range of workouts, and he got started on that task as quickly as he could. He produced new workouts every month, eventually creating a library numbering over 300.

Throughout these years, Daikeler also focused on nutrition as the other half of what’s needed for weight loss. He noted that many Americans turned to fast food. Busy schedules, picky eaters and a lack of desire to shop for, prepare and cook healthy meals were a few of the reasons why. Sadly, fast food diets lack vitamins, minerals and fiber. They’re high in sugar, which leads to more cravings.


Shakeology was Daikeler’s answer to fast food diets. The Shakeology powder is a high-protein blend with fiber, vitamins and minerals. When added to any type of milk, it makes a healthy, tasty and satisfying shake. Shakeology can take the place of any meal any day.