Georgette Mulheir: Haiti Needs a Revamp of Infrastructure and Education System

In the world today, education is one of the most important investments that a country can make. Infrastructure and industrial development have always been good for the growth of the country. They are essential in providing the basic foundation that countries need so that they can incorporate other essential aspects that will not only grow but maintain their growth in years to come (Muckrack).


Today, there is a perception that every other country seems to have the entire necessary infrastructure that it needs. There is no argument that there are some countries that are yet to have the best infrastructure. Global leader Georgette Mulheir explains that these nations should continue investing in this area so that they can have the foundation they need. However, those with an existing infrastructure should invest in other essential aspects that can give them an edge in the global sector. Unfortunately, Haiti does not fall in any category discussed above. 


This means that the country has not been working hard to incorporate the necessary strategies that involve paying attention to all the necessary aspects involving using the resources to invest in its infrastructure, Georgette Mulheir assures. The country has not also been very focused on investing in the education sector. It is very important that the world contributes resources to change the well-being of Haiti and its people. Georgette Mulheir is calling for developed nations to ensure that they are paying attention to the development of infrastructure in the country. Other nations should also help in ensuring that Haiti has a standard education system that can help its future generations.


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