Joseph Ashford: Entrepreneur and Owner of K4 Global

Joseph Ashford was born in London, England, and has lived there his entire life. He attended a private school where he studied music and biology before going to college to study business. His first venture into entrepreneurship came about when he founded a production company at age 24 with some friends from university. Joseph has founded several companies since, including K4 Ltd. and Pottery Works Co., which still operate today.

Joseph Ashford’s latest venture is his most ambitious yet. He established a new company called K4 in the early 90s with some friends who had similar aspirations for success and growth. Today, K4 Global is a highly successful business that specializes in property management and design. Joseph hopes to expand the company even further by establishing offices across London and throughout other major cities like New York and San Francisco Currently, K4 Global manages over 200 properties all over England, including residential buildings such as apartments, houses, and commercial real estate properties. Joseph Ashford has worked hard to establish the company’s reputation for quickly responding to emergencies and resolving any problems and more

K4 Global currently employs over 100 people, including their property managers, responsible for coordinating services at every building they manage. Joseph says a lot of the company’s success has come from hiring people with good interpersonal skills. It is challenging to be successful without being able to communicate effectively and build strong relationships.


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Besides his England-based property management business, Joseph also owns Pottery Works Co., an England-based company specializing in high-quality, handcrafted pottery. Pottery Works Co. has been working with the same group of skilled artisans for over 40 years. They enjoy a very positive reputation because of their excellent artistry and beautiful designs. K4 is one of the best property management companies because of its exceptional response time and ability to resolve problems quickly. They enjoy a positive reputation among the residents because of Joseph Ashford’s dedication to excellent customer service and building solid relationships with his employees, tenants, and customers alike.