The Tech Industry Needs More Fresh Thinking: Interview with Dave Antrobus

Dave Atrobus.Dave Antrobus’ career reflects a remarkable journey from Brisbane into advertising. He was determined to get his foot in the door of the ad industry and took advantage of the many free, limited, and low-cost digital platforms available at the time. “What I discovered was a treasure trove of free tools,” Dave explains, “free courses, free information, and free workshops from both the government and the corporate sector, available to be used by anyone.”

The Fresh Thinking Group co-founder began by selling digital video solutions for banks and small businesses that were difficult to get into. “I was selling myself and my technology to make money and sell my platform,” Dave explains. “The first two years were challenging, but I was thrilled to get paid by small businesses for my digital video.” Dave Antrobus is a game-changer in the advertising industry.

As the co-creator of Fresh Thinking Group, he has outstanding career with some of the U.K.’s best-known fashion brands. He has created a global social media strategy for Burberry, a corporate program for Samsung Electronics, and built the U.K.’s first clothing manufacturing unit in Mumbai. Besides, he has worked with everyone from Eric Clapton to Caroline Kennedy, from Geri Halliwell to Simon Cowell. This extraordinary CV is the story of a man whose imaginative use of technology has defined his career.

Digital businesses have a vast number of competitors, which can make it difficult to raise finance. Fresh Thinking Group has created an approachable, accessible solution. The firm has created a reputation for excellence with clients. It was only after Dave left a well-paying job with Shell Oil in the U.S. when he realized he needed something new.

Dave and the Fresh Thinking Group have been at the forefront of so many of the sector’s most dynamic growth trends that it’s no wonder the group has increased and attracted so many exceptional business partners. Dave Antrobus himself is considered a thought leader and adviser for many of these trends. One of Dave’s Antrobus earliest and most successful ventures was his mobile phone designing and manufacturing business in the early 1990s. His experience as an entrepreneur meant that he understood the practicalities of small business and knew how to achieve his goals.