Jason Hughes represents the world tenants and buyers

Jason Hughes is chairman and CEO of Hughes Marino, the development company he founded in San Diego in 1991. Hughes Marino has since become the largest and most accomplished landlord and buyer representation firm in the city. Led by Jason Hughes, its offices are located in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Hughes Marino has transacted more than $90 million of transactions in San Diego and completed more than $200 million on behalf of its clients. 


The Hughes Marino buyer representation company has represented several notable public and private corporations, including Chevron, POM Wonderful, AdvantaClean, and Nucor. Jason Hughes has enjoyed a distinguished career in construction management, commercial construction management, and entrepreneurship. He led the sector’s investment group during his early career, sold his interest.


In addition, successful businessman and CEO Jason Hughes launched his construction management brokerage firm, Hughes Marino, Inc. He acquired a Los Angeles brokerage firm and has since expanded this firm to include more than $2 billion in assets under management and over 150 employees. When successful CEO, businessman and entrepreneur Jason Hughes decided to give the industry a shot, he found a space in the sunshine state that might be the right place for him to make it big. 

When his tenant representation company Hughes Marino opened in San Diego in 1988, the area was plagued by an economic recession. But, that proved to be a huge opportunity for Jason and his clients. When he saw the downturn, the CEO decided he had to expand, so in 1993, he relocated Hughes Marino to the city’s posh, swanky Marina Del Rey. There, Jason Hughes would work hand in hand with some of the country’s top agents to buy and sell multimillion-dollar, high-net-worth assets. He was selling properties like diamonds in the rough, but that approach paid off, and today, Jason’s firm has expanded throughout California.