The distinguished works of Alexander Payne

Alexander PayneIn collaboration with Paul, the well-known movie director Alexander Payne has recently announced their new project. ‘The Holdovers’ project has kept their fans on edge with anticipation as they do not know what to expect. Alexander`s productions are well known for their constant theme of embracing and learning to love oneself.

In an interview, Alexander Payne stated that he has always been moved by human beings and their ambiguous and flawed nature that never seems to come to an end. This fascination is what motivates him to come up with storylines like that of ‘Sideways.’ This movie is all about Giamatti, who, after a divorce, had lost hope in love, but in the attempt of relishing his single status, he finds himself madly in love against all odds.

When asked about where the idea came from, Payne states that it all came from a French Film he had watched and later called his director, who was very excited to work on it. Having worked with Paul before, he was certain that the Giamatti role would fit him perfectly. Over the years, Alexander Payne has worked with numerous actors, but he specifically expresses his enthusiasm for working with the same people on different movie projects as he understands them better hence better role allocation that guarantees his fans quality movies. The choice of good actors makes work easier as they are able to flow with the script better and adapt to their roles.

Alexander PayneAlexander Payne went to Stanford University, where he graduated, and later went to UCLA School of Theatre, where he attained a Master of Fine Arts in Filming in 1990. Other than being a screenwriter, Payne is also a director who has produced several films, including; ‘’Nebraska’’, ‘’The Descendants’’, and ‘’Downsizing’’ among others.

These films stand out among many as they tend to focus on the reality of our everyday life with all its flaws and evolutions. Payne attributes his success to his work at UCLA, where he produced the movie ‘’The Passion of Martin’’ based on a novel ‘’El Tunel’’ by Ernesto Sabato, an Argentinian author.