The Leading Fitness Expert: Edgard Corona

Edgard Corona decided to dedicate most of his life to his healthier company. He is the founder and leader of Bio Ritmo and SmartFit, which are two of the most important companies in Brazil. Edgard is considered one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in Brazil, where he has been recognized for his commitment to work, leadership skills, and success.

Edgard has always been passionate about what he does, and this passion is what led him to help the development of his company. He knows that he must have a vision and strong leadership. As an entrepreneur, Edgard has many important things that he believes in. These principles include having good teamwork, being dedicated to working on a project, following through with your goals, and maintaining a strategy with high productivity. Edgard Corona has a strong commitment to his businesses and takes part in the day-to-day operations. The SmartFit group has 480 gyms, which is over 29 million members.

When he founded Bio Ritmo, it was the first company in Brazil to offer full-body workouts and sports activities. He has also established SmartFit and has created a large gym chain with other partners.

Edgard Corona is able to recognize that success takes time and dedication, not giving up on your dreams no matter what happens. The satisfaction that comes from becoming an entrepreneur is also what motivates him to lead with sincerity and dedication. Refer to this article to learn more.

Edgard has a few reasons for his passion for being a business owner. His childhood was shaped by the sales of his family’s company. Edgard Corona was eight years old when he had to act as a salesman for his family’s factory, which manufactured sugar. The job taught him many things, such as the value of hard work, the responsibility of a father and a child, the necessity of business intelligence and financial transactions, teamwork, and time management skills.

This experience also gave Edgard a unique insight into health and fitness. He values a healthy body and recognizes the importance of fitness as an essential part of life. In the business world, Edgard’s experience in industrial supply and marketing made him realize that product pricing also determined business sales.