Steph Korey Announces New Investment with Adaptive Apparel Brand Intimately

Steph Korey, a leading expert in disabilities and adaptive clothing, announces a new investment with Intimately. Originally launched in 2012 by founder and CEO Leah Mandeck, the company offers a line of feminine and comfortable adaptive clothing for women who wear prosthetics.”Intimately is an exciting opportunity because it’s not just about adaptive clothing. It’s about an inclusive lifestyle that celebrates feminism, empowerment, and disability.

  1. Growth of the Adaptive Apparel Industry

Adaptive clothing has been a growing fashion trend for years. However, in recent years the industry has experienced exponential growth in both the number of companies and the number of products that are now available. This increase in demand is due to the awareness and acceptance of adaptive clothing as a fashion accessory and the development of technological advancements that make it easier for people to wear adaptive clothing.

  1. Advocacy

There has been a growing awareness of the importance of fashion to people with disabilities and increasing demand for products that are not only fashionable but also functional. This demand has led to some positive outcomes, such as developing a global standard for measuring the durability and quality of adaptive clothing and a push from advocates such as Steph Korey, who is working to improve accessibility standards.

  1. Fashion Trends

Advancements have influenced the rise of adaptive clothing in recent years in bra inserts, prosthetic devices, and other wearable technology. These technologies have allowed people to wear adaptive clothing for long periods and in a more comfortable way than ever before. As these technologies continue to evolve, so will the ability for people with disabilities to wear adaptive clothing.

  1. Lifestyle

The company allows people with disabilities to have a lifestyle that is focused on fashion, intimacy, and inclusion. These goals are what Intimately seeks to achieve by offering bras and underwear designed for women. Steph Korey describes the future of the adaptive clothing industry and how it will affect consumers and people with disabilities. As a result of technological advancements, it is easier for people to wear adaptive clothing due to a growing demand for these products. More people are becoming aware of their importance for fashion, comfort, and self-expression. Society should recognize the importance of this new trend in the clothing industry and its impact on people with disabilities.