2022 and Beyond: The Beginning of Climate-Conscious Business Transparency

If there’s one topic that sparks debate, it’s the notion of improving the way in which businesses operate in our world. More specifically, how can corporate entities hone their skillset to protect our planet’s natural resources with each passing year? With new proposals by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requiring CFOs to disclose their organization’s data related to its impact on the environment, we’re seeing a new wave of green-thinking.

Gary McGaghey: Helping Organizations Evolve their Business model Under New Regulation

Simply put, organizations will need to formulate their business structure to facilitate the homeostasis of our environment. With these proposed changes on the distant horizon, many CFOs and corporate entities are left scratching their heads, confused about what actions to take next. One man, Gary McGaghey, is aiming to not only help his organization — Williams Lea Tag — transition into a new era, but also to improve the integrity of our planet as a whole.

Gary McGaghey — a serial entrepreneur and CEO who focuses on grand visions and notable change — now leads William Lea Tag, an organization that helps businesses optimize their infrastructure. With new SEC guidelines coming down the pipeline that will affect business operations across multiple sectors, one thing is certain: McGaghey has a challenge on his hands. Unlike traditional CEOs, CFOs and managers who lead vast organizations, McGaghey is different: he sees opportunity where others see risk and restraint.

Although McGaghey’s roots extend back into the inviting and charming area of South Africa, Gary’s vision is anything but shortsighted. With his extensive background and expertise tied into the detailed world finance, Gary Mcgaghey knows how to stimulate untapped markets and potential with surgical-like precision. With thousands of CFOs quaking in their boots from SEC guidelines, Gary McGaghey and Williams Lea Tag are charging unabashed into the era of climate-focused business operations.

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