Hassan Jameel and ALJ

Hassan Jameel is the Vice Chairman and Deputy President of Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ), a diversified family business. AJL began in Saudi Arabia and now participates in the global economy, operating in 30 countries. In order to stay relevant, Hassan Jameel says his goal for the business is “to disrupt rather than be disrupted.” He is focusing on digitization and mobility.

ALJ has been in operation for more than 75 years at this point. It started out as a single gas station. Today AJL is involved in areas like consumer products, real estate and engineering. Hassan Jameel and others at AJL are planning on future involvement in healthcare, finance and energy as well. This is part of their strategy to remain successful.

Hassan Jameel has stated that he always considers the long term when thinking about an investment opportunity. Where will the industry be in 20 years? What are the risks? These are questions he asks himself. These questions motivated ALJ to invest in Rivian, an electric vehicle automaker. They have also partnered with Fotowatio Renewable Ventures.

Jameel invests a significant amount of time and effort into ALJ’s partnerships. For instance, he once traveled to Detroit to meet with Rivian’s CEO. This allowed them to discuss mutually beneficial strategies.

Jameel and his family believe that mistakes are learning opportunities. His grandfather once gave an interview where he referred to failure as one of his friends. Today Hassan keeps a newspaper clipping of that article framed on his desk.

AJL also participates in philanthropy with an organization called Community Jameel. Community Jameel often utilizes its partnership with the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT has received numerous labs from Community Jameel. These labs are used to study serious problems in the world, like malaria, in order to find possible solutions.

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