Kim Anami Wants to Know…Do You Even Lift?

Kim Anami is a relationship and sex coach who is a known vaginal weightlifter. Recently she released her eight-week program called Vaginal Kung Fu. The 8-week program is made to assist women in strengthening, healing, and making their vaginas active.

The power program, which is aimed to strengthen the vagina, aims to teach women to boost their orgasms and libidos. The program is a one-of-a-kind product of Kim’s campaign dubbed “things I lift with my vagina.” The drive automatically became an overnight sensation, propelling Kim Anami into fame.

The Instagram campaign under the hashtag #thingsiliftwithmyvagina featured content of Kim lifting different objects. The content on the Instagram handle showed her lifting things and traveling around the world. Kim displayed the strength to lift other indigenous things from various regions in the world. She lifted surfboards in Venice, Glass chandeliers in Murano, and green coconuts in Bali.

Kim lifted all these things to demonstrate the neglect of the pelvic floor importance. This campaign, according to Kim, is a moment for ladies to understand the importance of pelvic floor strength in women. Additionally, Anami had a show that is dubbed “Orgasmatopia.”

The event called Orgasmatopia is a mashup of all things orgasmic and feminine. The celebratory event has Kim producing romp videos highlighting the vaginal movement. The event with the slogan “Do You Even Lift? With Your Vagina?” possibly aims to create life-changing sex.

As a modern sexual savant, Kim notes that she found most women underperforming and weak with an unappealing vagina. She further states that if a woman is disconnected from her vagina and her sexuality, she is at a disadvantage. Anami notes that every lady possesses the ability to have a robust, pleasurable, and orgasmic vagina with the vaginal weightlifting propriety techniques. However, the methods are taught in the eight-week Vaginal Kung Fu program.

About Kim Anami

Kim is a relationship and holistic sex expert. She is also a writer and coach known nowadays as the Vaginal Weightlifter. One can follow her journey and vaginal weightlifting adventure on Instagram and watch her sex educational videos on YouTube.