Why Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Loves working with the right teams

Creating successful businesses doesn’t happen easily. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, an internationally recognized businessman has retained his business achievements for many years because of making the ideal decisions on important matters of his companies. For the Venezuela born leader, the right team in a business makes all the difference. When Alejandro Betancourt Lopez starts working with a new startup, the first thing he checks is the team. The investor investigates the individuals taking the leading positions in the company. Lopez, unlike other venture capitalists, doesn’t like to risk his capital when he starts working with new brands. The leaders dictate the kind of progress the business is going to have in the future. When an amazing leader doesn’t have the right professionals on his team, getting successful is not possible. Successful investments come when the person with a vision is surrounded by professionals who are willing to support the vision. The right team offers support to the one goal of the business, bringing success in the facility fast.

The second thing for Alejandro Betancourt Lopez when identifying a great startup is looking into the investment. Even when a brand has the best teams to offer its support, the investment in question must be idea. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez takes the highest risks when he starts to invest in organizations that lack the adequate revenue. Some of the brands might have an entertaining and convincing story to tell about their business idea, but this is never enough. Lopez identifies a good business when he falls in love with the team working for the platform. When the people in the business are ideal, they can help the investor to move in the perfect direction when he brings in the ideas. Getting a team to impress an investor is never that easy for many businesses. Lopez became one of the top stars in the European technology industry because he began working with excellent teams.