How Adam Milstein Helped Hager Pacific Properties Become a Billion Dollar Real Estate Firm

Adam Milstein discovered early in his career that it requires money, time, and dedication to a real purpose in life to truly become successful. He selected a promising career in real estate as a commercial broker in college while pursuing a master’s degree, in the U.S. Learn more about more Adam Milstein:

When he came to the States from Israel, his birthplace he had one mission, to become an entrepreneur without knowing exactly how he was going to accomplish it. It wasn’t easy for him to find a job while attending grad school, but, within three years working as a commercial real estate broker, he was prepared to become an investor.

What really led to the success of Adam Milstein is a life-changing suggestion from Milstein’s manager at his first job. His manager at the time encouraged him to approach David Hager, an Israeli investor and multi-millionaire about investment opportunities.

After finding the courage to speak with Mr. Hager, he was given a job as a sales agent. Milstein convinced Hager to introduce a 50–50 partnership entity and became an investor with firm.

Last year, in December 2016 he told Ideamensh the only failure he experienced throughout his career is making the mistake of not diversifying his investments.

He did what most investors do the first time of investing into the real estate markets. According to Jewish Journals, to make enormous profits in the commercial real estate industry, Adam Milstein realized by a hard lesson that property investments must be long term.

He believed that the short way would make him very wealthy, which wasn’t the best decision he made.

Adam Milstein is managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties and manages operations at the San Fernando Valley Office. He oversees property management of commercial properties, disposition, and financing. Mr. Milstein and his partners collectively manage approximately 110 properties valued at over $1 billion, in the United States.

Many years ago, Milstein didn’t know he would be a multi-millionaire with the mentorship of David Hager. During the Ideamensh interview, he acknowledged Mr. Hager for having an influence in his life and career.