Kim Dao Takes Viewers To A Dog Café In Australia

Although YouTuber Kim Dao now works in Tokyo, she was born and raised in Australia. Whenever Kim Dao goes home for a family visit, she typically vlogs her experience and posts the videos on her second YouTube channel. In one recent video entitled “Why I want to live in Australia | Kim Dao,” Kim takes us to a pet café in the city of Perth.


Kim tells viewers that she has been really behind in her editing work recently, so she has decided to go to a local pet café with her laptop. Kim also says she is going to bring along her family’s cute Pomeranian Yuki.


Once at the dog café, Yuki seems a bit scared of the other dogs at first. After awhile, however, she gets acclimated to the new environment. Kim Dao purchases a latte and a few dog treats for Yuki. Later in the video, Kim Dao shows us Yuki eating one of the treats.


As the day progresses, Kim Dao decides to take Yuki to a local dog park. We see a short video clip of Yuki playing on the grass with another dog.


Near the end of the video, Kim Dao is back at home and says she feels absolutely exhausted. Kim actually shows us Yuki resting on the bed next to her while she’s recording this video.


A few moments later, Kim gets a call from her boyfriend telling her he’ll be finished with work soon. She instantly gets in her car and drives out to meet him. She talks about her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, her friends in Australia, and the differences between driving in Australia versus Japan in the car ride over to her boyfriend’s place.

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