Vinod Gupta and his investment in the education of women

The fame that Vinod Gupta has is in line with his humble start in India. He learned a lot that paved his way to success across the field of business. At the Indian Technology Institutes, he specialized in the agricultural engineering field. This happened before his attainment of his master’s in the same field alongside the business. The second achievement happened at Lincoln’s Nebraska University.

Upon graduating, Vinod went ahead to serve at Commodore Corporation which is an established firm. In his post of marketing research, his duties comprised of garnering home dealers’ list across the US as he could solicit the manufactured products with them.

After borrowing $100 from the local bank, he established marketing mailers that could be sent to everyone who would gain from the services of his database. Contrary to his naysayers’ belief, he began receiving orders connected to his database. The business then took off. It was in the year 1972 that Gupta established American Business Information. It is from then onwards that the company turned out to be a primary source for the businesses with the intention of intensifying their reach. At the end of twenty years, the firm was worth $500 million. It is at this point that he stepped down from his service as the Chief Executive. In a reprisal of the role after a year, the company’s named was changed to InfoUSA. This represented the firm’s collection of countrywide databases as well as national domination within the database technology niche. With the continued growth alongside eventual global interest, the name changed to InfoGroup as a way of portraying its scope.

As a way of serving the community, he gave $1 million as a donation towards Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic’s development. The establishment of the Institution happened in the year 2000. This has facilitated women’s earning of postgraduate degrees over a short time of 24 months. This adds up to the fact that he already devoted some amount to establish a girls’ school in his hometown.

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Brief Information about Ronald Fowlkes

This will give information about a man named Ronald Fowlkes a part owner of a company called FirstSpear and Manager of Business Development of Eagle Industries. Fowlkes has gained over twenty years of experience in the fields of delivery, design, and development. This is for gear that is in top quality meant for officer and enlisted over the armed services. He also gained involvement in the Police Department in St. Louis.

Fowlkes gained his interest while he was doing work in the U.S Marine Corps. In the gear everyone had he found ones from First Spear. He noticed that it was made and designed well. Also, the rigors were lasting and had been put through really well. Later, when he joined SWAT and noticed the equipment was the same, he knew he needed to figure out more information. He got really interested when finding out it was constructed in his hometown. It is also important to note that they obtained their money from efficient marketing activities and trade shows. Also, a majority is from the field. There are also contacts that work in the enforcement of State law and local. However, they discovered that the users are those who often recommend them. Finally, Fowlkes believes that the company’s most satisfactory moment was the success it has given. Fowlkes feels very responsible for it as well.

Fowlkes has a routine for every day and makes it productive. One way is balancing office jobs and personal hustle and bustle. He begins by making sure his three kids go off to school and from there begin his workday. He wouldn’t consider his day a 9-5 one rather it could begin will calls early in the morning. This occurs because he has many international contacts, thirty-five percent of this business belongs to NATO. The first thing he does in the office is respond to phone messages and emails. He also looks into any giant order he gets in the production pipeline to make sure that they are in a good place.

Also, Fowlkes believes that teamwork is a strong influencer in the success of his ideas. Finally, a direction that gives him excitement is patenting products in order to keep them from getting copied. In order to help them they use new tube and laser cutting technology. They figured out that this both made the load lighter and took out close to forty percent.

Now a quick recap of one part of Fowlkes’s blog. He did many about the sport of hockey. One was about Henrik Lundqvist a goaltender form the New York Rangers. This player for thirteen back-to-back seasons. The blog gives examples of some games, like the comeback with the Philadelphia Flyers.

Lundqvist Achieves Another 20-Win Season


Dr. Mark McKenna Seeks To Bring Cosmetic Treatment To The Masses

Cosmetic treatment is often thought of as a luxury for the monied masses of Beverly Hills and Palm Beach. One physician and entrepreneur seeks to disrupt the cosmetic medical industry with an ingenious idea. The idea, to create a company that makes Botox treatments as easy as hailing a ride from Uber.

Dr. Mark McKenna‘s company OVME is a nationwide network that matches clients with cosmetic medical providers. In a business that is fragmented with local providers servicing local clients, OVME seeks to give a nationwide solution to people who want to find a safe and reliable, licensed Botox treatment provider.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s journey to OVME could find its roots almost two decades ago. That is when the young New Orleans based medical student sought to feed his entrepreneurial hunger by moonlighting at a local prison, performing physicals at $50 an hour. Dr. McKenna then used this money to invest in real estate. Dr. McKenna soon found himself as both a physician and a real estate entrepreneur. The doctor’s real estate career ended when Hurricane Katrina hit, followed by the housing crash of 2008.

Dr. Mark McKenna afterward relocated to Atlanta and opened a cosmetic medical practice known as ShapeMed. The business was a success with Dr. McKenna accepting a buyout of ShapeMed in 2014. Though the physician had sold his cosmetic medical practice for millions, he was not completely out of the cosmetic medical business.

Seeing an opportunity to disrupt the fragmented cosmetic medical business, Dr. Mark McKenna started OVME, a nationwide network of cosmetic medical providers. Clients simply go on the OVME app and find a provider in their area. OVME then makes the connection between the client and the provider. Dr. Mark McKenna envisions a future where great care come at the push of a button. With OVME, the physician and entrepreneur’s dream will become a reality in just about every city in America.

The Never Ending Drive Of George

Why George Soros Has An Unending Passion

Life has a special affect on all of us. As much as we’d hope to be more independent and proactive about things, it’s life that often pushes us to accomplish difficult tasks. But take heart in knowing that the human being can set his goals and then reach them. To do so, we have to model the acts of the people who have this success.

George Soros is a familiar name among the world’s elite. His personal accomplishments and his public charity is indisputable. Part of George’s success is the ability he has to self motivate himself. Doing this without the helping hand of life’s struggle is a key factor to great success. We can all achieve it to varied amounts and by other means. Visit this site to know more at

Yet, it’s inner passion that scales all challenges we likely face. Just don’t become delusional about how to go about the process. George Soros first got his passion from one of life’s greatest challenges that men still have this day.

And this is none other than war.

How This All Came To Be

It was during War World II, the world was feeling the drastic affects of German’s passion to order the planet. But the German ideology was unable to penetrate George Soros’ family. They found the courage to flee into the United Kingdom. This mean’t that the young 13-year-old George Soros left his country of Hungary to become a refugee.

This should help to paint the picture we have regarding the passion of George Soros. It was first this “nudge” and in one direction. The young man took accountability for his own actions and redefined the future of his life. From here, George took it to himself to learn the process where he could self-motivate himself. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

The Lessons We Can Learn From It

For George, it was no longer valuable to be pushed and compelled by the fears of war or poverty. He needed to find something within himself that would set the model and stage for his life. And nothing that this man accomplished is beyond the abilities of you and I.

That’s why we’re taking a close look at what this man does and what he will do in the future.

How Does Mike Baur Helps People Through THe Swiss Startup Factory?

The Swiss Startup Factory is a place where people will be given the aid they need ins tarting a business, and they will be much more confident in their companies. They will find funding and guidance when they talk to Mike, and they will learn how simple it is to start a company properly. Someone who has questions about the services may contact Mike at any time, and they must talk to him about how he would handle their account. This article explains how Mike will help, and it shows how he would complete the needed work to grow a firm.


#1: Funding


Mike is quite expert at finding funding for his clients, and he will help them find capitalists who do this every day. He works with these people because he knows that they will have an easy time getting the results they need, and they will have enough money to go through with a new project. Mike seeks out partners for all his clients who will help, and he will show them how simple it is to find the money they need for each project.


#2: The Guidance


Mike offers quite a lot of guidance because his clients need someone to tell them how to manage their companies and hire people. They will seek out the people who are most-helpful for their companies, and they will hire a management team that is more-likely to help them get work done. This is a faster process for everyone, and it helps them become stronger companies.


#3: Mike Is A Mentor


Mike is a mentor who will help companies for as long as they need, and he will provide them with help that is needed in every capacity. He knows that a company will grow quite a lot if it has been managed properly, sand he realizes that all his clients need services that will help them grow. He wants to be only a phone call away if someone needs help, and he will give them the advice they need.


The work that Mike Baur does with all his clients will keep them quite happy, and they will be in a much better position to ensure that they may grow. He wants his clients to become more than startups, and he wants them to learn how to handle their business when they may have started with nothing more than a small idea.


Logan Stout: Creating Successful Teams By Teaching Essential Leadership Skills

IdeaMensch published an interview on June 1, 2017, discussing the life and career of Logan Stout, most notably his company IDLife which he started in 2014. The message of health and wellness has been well-received, and the company continues to grow quickly. Stout’s strategy of partnering with well-known and respected athletes, fitness gurus, and nutritional experts has proven effective.

The piece talks about Logan’s ability to connect with audiences about his favorite subjects; personal growth, quality leadership, and team building. He connects with people as a teacher, writer, and speaker. In 2013, his book, Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, became a best seller and his credibility on the subject matter of leadership pulls large crowds to every one of his speaking engagements.

Obviously, Logan is a successful businessman who seems to have a winning touch with his ventures, and much of his success occurs because he genuinely cares about the success, happiness, and health of others. One inspiring piece of supporting evidence is his ownership of the Dallas Patriots. Stout founded his baseball organization, serves as CEO, and focuses the company principals on mentoring young people.

He matches teams made up of kids who range in age from six to eighteen and provides them with the highest quality instruction from the best class teachers, coaches, and mentors he can find. The quality of the education is so good that many graduates are MLB draft picks and even those are not have earned the opportunity to play at the college level.

Logan Stout is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience, but he is also generous with charitable contributions of money and time. He and Haley, his wife, are patrons and honorary chairs of the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County, founders of Youth Athletes Foundation and support the American Heart Association of North Texas. The Stout’s live in Frisco Texas and have two sons.

Rick Smith: The Catalyst for Prison Industries

Rick Smith is currently the CEO of Securus. This is a prison industry company that has worked hard to make sure that they are able to provide people with different options that they need for the prison. While Rick Smith is dedicated to making the prison better all around, he likes to focus the majority of the Securus efforts on how he can help the prison administration. Smith starts with the administration of most of the prisons that he works with because he knows that they need the proper support to be able to run the prison the right way. While the prison company is able to help prisoners in some ways, most of the things that the prisoners get are just a byproduct of the support that Securus is providing to help make prison administration better. Read more articles at

One of the biggest things that the company has done is install kiosks in the prisons. They have intake kiosks, visitor kiosks and even ones that are used on the cell blocks in the prisons that have them. Rick Smith has done a lot to make sure that he can show people the right way to use these kiosks and to help people get everything that they need to make things better for the prisons to be able to run more efficiently. For example, the kiosks that are in the blocks of the prison can be used for everything from getting an envelope to scheduling some type of meeting with administration.

The kiosks also work to cut down the workload that the correctional officers have to do. The inmates are able to do a lot more than what they were in the past because of these kiosks. The officers can focus more on protecting the prison and making sure that it is secure because the kiosks are able to provide the prisoners with the basic things that they need through the kiosks. Things like phone calls, emails and other options are now something that people can use to make things easier on them and to give the guards more time to make sure that the prison is as secure as possible for the people on the inside and the outside. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

As Securus continues to grow, Rick Smith hopes to add more technology to the things that he is doing with Securus. He plans on making it something that is more secure and has more options for people who are in the prison. Because of everything that Rick Smith Securus has done and has been able to do, it has grown. More prisons than ever are taking advantage of the options that Securus has for them to make their administration better.

Hussain Ali Sajwani is Taking Over the Global Real Estate Sector

Hussain Ali Sajwani is an Arabian merchant and founder of DAMAC Properties. He is also a philanthropist and has ties with the president of the U.S., Donald Trump. Sajawani is married and has four children. The Hussain Sajwani family has a net worth of over $3.8 billion.

Sajwani’s educational background and role at DAMAC Properties

Sajwani studied Bachelor of Science in economics and engineering at the eminent University of Washington. He graduated in 1981 and began working at GASCO as the senior officer responsible for contracts management. A year later, he launched his business, a catering company that has since grown into the largest food businesses in Asia. Read more: Meet Our Board | DAMAC Properties

This company provides food to educational institutions, army camps, construction camp sites, and onshore/offshore locations. Sajwani launched DAMAC Properties, which is currently the most successful real estate business in the Middle East. His knowledge in the field of sales, marketing, finance, and management is the reason why this company has succeeded. Learn more about DAMAC owner: and

DAMAC Properties has various properties in Amman, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, London, and Dubai. This company has more than 2000 employees and is a publicly traded company with stocks at the Dubai Financial Market. Since it was formed, DAMAC Properties has worked on and delivered more than 17,900 properties. This company prides itself of its broad portfolio that has more than 44,000 properties in various stages of development. DAMAC Properties has also merged with some other popular lifestyle brands, including Versace and Fendi, to assemble new properties.

Sajwani’s other business ventures

Damac Properties also works with the Trump Organization, and together they have successfully constructed the Tiger Woods golf course. The Damac owner has other businesses, including the DICO Investments, which deals with asset management and works in collaboration with regional banks and companies.

He also owns the Al Amana Building Materials, a company that supplies materials and its headquarters is in Oman. Sajwani’s other businesses include Al Jazeira Services and the Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co. He supports and funds other charitable campaigns, such as “Dress One Million Needy Children Project.”

In 2013, he donated $2million to help vulnerable children in the society. He also loves empowering the youth as well as giving talks about entrepreneurship. Sajwani is a fan of following emerging trends in design and architecture.

How Did Roberto Santiago Become Such a Successful Brazilian Businessman?

Because Joao Pessoa is the capital of the Brazilian state of Paraiba and has a population of more than 800,000, making a splash there is no easy feat. For that reason, the fact that Roberto Santiago has emerged as one of the city’s most brilliant businessmen and entrepreneurs is exceptionally impressive. Indeed, you would be hard-pressed to find a resident of the city who doesn’t at least somewhat recognize his name. Even more people are familiar with his crowning achievement, Manaira Shopping Mall, which is located in the downtown district. How did Roberto Santiago become such a successful businessman? Read on to learn more.

Becoming the developer and owner of a huge, successful shopping, dining and entertainment destination in a bustling city like Joao Pessoa doesn’t happen by accident. Early in his life, however, Roberto Santiago thought that he wanted to be a professional writer. In his young adulthood, he even ran a few successful blogs. However, he realized that his ambitions lay elsewhere after completing his education. He attended Pio X Marist College first and then went on to earn a degree in business administration from University Center of Joao Pessoa. Read more articles on Roberto’s Blogspot.

From there, Roberto Santiago broke into the business world by landing a position at Cafe Santa Rosa. He put as many of his earnings in savings as possible and was able to save a good amount while working there. Next, he invested in a cardboard box manufacturing firm. That ended up being a smart move, as it allowed him to become even more profitable and to save even more money for future endeavors.

In 1987, Roberto Santiago bought a large plot of land in downtown Joao Pessoa. He had already come up with a basic plan for what would become Manaira Shopping Mall. Two years later, in 1989–when he was just 30 years old–Santiago proudly opened the doors of his new mall. It didn’t take long for locals to start flocking there.

The Manaira mall isn’t Roberto Santiago’s only achievement, but it is his most prominent one. In addition to boasting more than 280 stores and restaurants, it is home to a bowling alley, a movie theater, a fitness center, a video game arcade, a food court, manicured gardens and even a school–Higher Education of Paraiba.

At just 58 years old, Roberto Santiago is unlikely to slow down any time soon. You can expect to see more incredible things from him in the years to come. View more on Mundo Do Marketing

Equities First Growth and Change

Do you need to borrow money but are unsure of how to do so? Equities First is a company that specializes in borrowing needs for people who have a high net worth. There are few companies in this space that are working with others on a plan to drive value for these people. Borrowing money does not have to be a bad thing, and a lot of people are learning just how much they can benefit from the services of Equities First. Over time, this is a company that is going to add value to the lives of others in a variety of ways. If you want to excel at what you are doing, this is the type of company that you should be working with. Equities First truly cares about its employees, and they are ready to invest in a variety of areas and more information on his website.

Equities First

From the time the company was started, Equities First has always been about helping other people get to the next level in life. Sometimes, it makes sense to borrow money to make a purchase or an investment. Over time, this is a company that has invested heavily into a variety of areas to drive value for the future. Not only that, but they are excited about all of the changes that are starting to take place within the business. If you want to advance your career and your finances, Equities First is a company that you should work with.

The interest rates that are provided by Equities First are quite low because they only cater to people who have a high net worth. Not only that, but they are excited about all of the changes that are starting to take place within the business world as well. Come check out what they have to offer today.

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