Top Plastic Surgeon Mark Mofid Proving State-of-the-Art Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery in San Diego Area

Dr. Mark Mofid is a board certified and top doctor in plastic surgery, located in the San Diego, CA. area. With hundreds of 5-star reviews and testimonials from patients claiming his brilliancy and miracle-like hands have changed their lives in unimaginably positive ways, it is no wonder he is a top sought surgeon. Former patients of his have said that his work has literally “saved their marriage; done wonders for their self-esteem; and improved their overall well-being” (“Plastic Surgery Patient Testimonials”). Some even go on to credit him for saving their life and cannot seem to express enough gratitude for his services. Dr. Mark Mofid’s success can be accredited largely to his missions practice: to provide patients with the highest quality, state-of-the-art plastic surgery, while offering individualized and compassionate care to patients seeking both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Mark Mofid completed his undergrad degree at Harvard University, where he graduated magna cum laude. He then went on to complete his training in general surgery and plastic surgery at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Impressive as that is, there is more to the Harvard and Johns Hopkins-trained surgeon’s practice, as he has designed a one-of-a-kind Round Gluteal Implant that has revolutionized butt implants. Dr. Mofid’s gluteal implants give patients a more natural look, while also greatly reducing complications. In a The Wellness Hour segment, host Randy Alverez comments that he is known for, and that people travel for, this procedure, to which Dr. Mofid confirms, “Exactly. I originally trained for this procedure in Brazil and have studied over 2000 results and surgeries” ( Of course, Dr. Mark Mofids practice offers more than just gluteal implant surgery, as he specializes in face, body, breasts and reconstructive surgeries.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s Plastic and Reconstructive Practice is located in La Jolla, California, though he also has offices that serve the greater San Diego area. Interested candidates can call or request more information online via the website,, to learn more about financing and to schedule a consultation.

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