Rodrigo Terpins and His Unique Career

Rodrigo Terpins is a rally driver from Brazil. Rally driving is when cars are racing against a clock on temporarily closed-off sections of real roads that are often unpaved. In the sport of rallying, a driver and co-driver race down dirt roads, one after another as fast as they possibly can.

Rodrigo is 41 years old. His younger brother, Michel, is also an acclaimed driver. Rodrigo engages in Prototype T1 races. Both brothers have received praise for their outstanding skills.

Rodrigo partakes in the Bull Sertoes Rally. Fabricio Manchiana was his partner for this specifc event. The pair finished in sixth place. Their record was 58 minutes and 9 seconds. During this race, Rodrigo spoke on how impressed he was with the region of Minas Gerais. He complimented the landscape and beautiful scenery. He takes his driving very seriously and prepared vigilantly for the race in Minas.

The morals and values of Rodrigo are even more outstanding than his racing skills. He believes in complete consistency. Determination is what he equates his success to. He has participated in numerous interviews with Brazilian media and press. During these interviews, he explained that he greatly treasures his past races because they mold him into a better driver and overall person.

According to, in this modern day and age, social media is all the hype. Rodrigo Terpins has several social media platforms. They include Crunchbase, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn. This permits Rodrigo to engage with his fan base and maintain an overall appeal.

Sometimes rally driving can be seen as a dangerous sport. While it is true there are dangerous involved, there are also dangerous in any risk one decide to take in their life. There is no absolute guarantee in any endeavor. One must follow their heart and passion with complete perseverance. Rodrgio Terpins is not holding back his desires. He is determined to go as far as he can in this unique and fascinating sport.