Alexandre Gama: A Glimpse In The Life

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1958, Alexandre Gama is an entrepreneur that has created some of the most professional and creative items in the advertising and communications industry. Through his life, he has founded Neogama, which is known as one of the top 20 advertising agencies within Brazil. He is also both the CCO and the CEO of his company.

When it comes to the agencies in the global network, Gama was the very first Brazilian to become Global Chief Creative Officer, or WCCO, of a specific British-based network of agencies, called the BBH. Not only was he the first as WCCO, but he is currently the only member from Brazil in the Publicis Groupe Global Creative board, which is a creative committee that is made up of six members from other agencies around the world.

Gama has done many great things in his lifetime, and he has won many different awards for his hard work and creative expertise. He left his current company to start his own company in 1999, and his accomplishments only seemed to rise from that point on. By 2012, Gama was a big name in Brazil and even other parts of the world because he was on the board for Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies or the ABAP. To this day, Alexandre Gama still works hard to create new and exciting things in his company.


Norman Pattiz unveils Mr. Laers’ show to be aired on PodcastOne

The PodcastOne through the Los Angeles Newswire announced that it would be having a renowned writer, director, and producer of various sitcoms that gained viewership all over the world. Maude, The Jefferson, One Day at a Time are some of the productions that have catapulted Norman Lear to the state of recognition and respect among producers and other directors. Learn more:

One particular person who is impressed with his work is Norman Pattiz the owner of the, and he announced how glad he is to be hosting the legendary Norman Lear and gave a snippet of what is coming on the podcast. Listeners will be engaged in real time issues ranging from music, social issues, political talks, current events and many others in line.

At the age of 74, he is involved in other critical roles with connections to seven board membership in seven consortiums extending across five different industries. Norman established the Westwood One Inc. in the year 1974 taking up the role of the Chief Executive Officer up to 1994. At the Broadcast Education Association, he served as the President. From the year 2001 to date, Pattiz works as an affiliate of the governing board at the University of California. His other associations include the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and securities. The PodcastOne is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California in the United States operating for many years with Norman’s experience spanning for over 40 years. Westwood one owned and run the NBC radio networks, CNN radio, CBS news among other great shows in America. His notable efforts saw Pattiz chosen and later reappointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors in both President Clinton and Bush Administrations. The board is tasked to manage the nonmilitary broadcasts such as Radio Liberty, the voice of America among others. His brilliance to excellence saw him start the America’s Arabic language television and radio that covers about 22 countries of the middle east attracting a close to 40 million listeners across the countries. This Catapulted Mr. Pattiz also known as Norm to his recognition and was awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Award and also inducted into the National Radio Hall of fame. He takes great strides in bringing new ideas to fruition and considers implementation process a very critical aspect before proceeding to the next step. Pattiz resides with his family in Beverly Hills for close to 30 years now.


Alexandre Gama Grows

Alexandre Gama’s life was not always easy. In fact, he began small and moved his way up the chain of power. He now holds multiple copywriting awards and many years of writing and editing experience. In addition, Alexandre Gama is the current owner and head founder of Neogama, which he started himself in 1999: He had little help but plenty of experience and more than enough motivation to get him started.

Alexander Gama’s an inspiration and a legend in Brazilian copywriting as well as a true grammar king. He has done what many have claimed impossible or even improbable in his lifetime and still promises to do more. He is one of Brazil’s best writers, if not the best – according to many sources. He holds that hard work and respect for one’s culture and fellow neighbor are pivotal points to making a difference in this world and to advancing in rank.


Eric Pulier and the Art of Business Development.

Getting to peak behind the thought process of an entrepreneur can be both enlightening and important to the growth of a burgeoning entrepreneur themselves. Eric Pulier is a New Jersey native who has been making waves in the tech industry ever since he surfaced in 1991. Pulier grew up in New Jersey before graduating from Harvard. Since then he has founded or financed at least 15 different companies, including his prized foundation, XPrize. Pulier has been known for his candor when it comes to explaining his thought process and we were all too eager to delve into it.


When you sit down with Eric Pulier one thing becomes abundantly clear, he is no ordinary entrepreneur. Pulier has prided himself on behaving in a forward thinking way for years and this has given him the chance to accurately forecast trends, establish his own practices, and maneuver ahead of the competition. Becker says that the key to his success as an entrepreneur, however, has been one thing only: “Persistence.” Pulier goes on to say, “Not everything works the first time you try it and most products are not exactly what you imagined in the beginning.” Pulier goes on to describe how it is important to push through top patches before finally saying, “The best entrepreneurs can change and adjust as necessary.”


Eric Pulier’s success has been so rampant that it is hard to look back at the beginning when he got it all started. Pulier admits that he likely wouldn’t even change anything even if he got the chance to start over. Pulier admits, however, that he did have one failure that notably haunts him. Pulier says, “I sold a company that I had worked very hard on for years, often making payroll from my own pocket.” The problem, Pulier says, was heartbreaking. Pulier says, “When the acquisition concluded we found that key promises from the acquirere were not going to be kept.” Pulier says he rebounded from this problem by focusing on people, not products and opting instaed to surround himself with only the best of the best people around the industry.