Living Life At The Manse On Marsh

The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living facility that allows residents to feel like they are at home. From scheduled activities to brilliantly decorated rooms, the facility is one that keeps the families and the residents in mind with every decision that is made.

There are a few lifestyle options available. One is independent living. This is where residents have their own space and go about their daily lives as though they were home, but they do have the protection and support of the staff if it’s needed. Assisted living involves the staff of The Manse on Marsh with a little more in the care that is given for the residents. Nurses and assistants will help in making sure residents receive medications on time and in the proper dosage. They can help with bathing, putting clothes on and with feeding skills.

Respite and palliative care are offered at The Manse on Marsh for those who are unable to get out of bed or who have illnesses that are terminal. Support is offered to the family to make transitioning comfortable and as pain free as possible.

A full-time staff of nurses is at The Manse on Marsh 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is a variety of entertainment for residents, such as dancing and music. No resident is forced to participate in any of the activities that are offered, but they are encouraged to do as much as they can so that they have others to talk to and so that they have a chance to get out of the room during the day.  Check out their official blog for more information.