Oncotarget: putting research at fingertips

Research and science go hand in hand. Thousands and thousands of scientists each day are working diligently on varying diseases and cancer causing exposures. Oncotarget, saw this as a place to step in and help. They created an online medical journey that allows readers free access to a broad variety of medical and oncology related papers that are continuously published on a weekly basis.

This journal had one simple overall goal: localize research and results, make it easy to access and add more and more information about Oncotarget. It has been a huge success in this factor. Information is stored to one location and the journal itself is easy to navigate through, so you can easily find the topic that is needed. The journal had such a positive impact on research, they decided to add several new sections that are unrelated to oncology.




*Autophagy / cell death

*Pathology (beyond oncology)

*Gerotarget and aging

Having access of thousands and thousands of research articles may seem overwhelming and some saw that is a concern. Oncotarget was ahead of the game yet again. They have put in place a system called altmetric badge ratings. This rating system is used to allow readers to easily pinpoint which articles pertain to their particular needs at the time. The circular badge is color coordinated, so readers know exactly what they are looking for as they skim through medical related articles. This was intended to save time and frustration. Allowing readings to find exactly what information about Oncotarget they need in a timely manner.