Jason Hope’s Efforts in Anti-Aging Research

The Arizona based entrepreneur and technology aware futurist minded individual Jason Hope has taken strides in the field of anti-aging. One non-profit that he focuses much of his donations to is the SENS foundation. This foundation was started up in 2009. Donations to the foundation is for research on how to prevent diseases that are related to aging. Interestingly, Jason Hope is more focused on how to prevent anti-aging diseases before they come into effect in the human body.

Jason Hope has a degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. As a successful entrepreneur, he sticks to one focus at a time. He sees young entrepreneurs like himself making the mistake of putting all their eggs in too many baskets far too quickly. This mistake is something he is careful to avoid. Jason Hope’s main basket is clearly his skill at understanding the technology market. He is of the mind that the Internet of Things (or otherwise known as IoT) is going to only continue to grow, and therefore more devices of the world will out of necessity have to be connected to the internet.

Similarly to his focus on one particular entrepreneurial focus, Jason Hope is focused on one particular philanthropic effort. He primarily focuses his donations to preventative medicine research concerning aging diseases. He donates primarily to the non-profit foundation SENs. He donates to this foundation because of their research into aging being reversible at the cellular level with the right drugs. The SENS research foundation has come under some scrutiny by religious groups for the use of stem cells in the research to create a drug that will reverse aging within cells. Jason Hope understands that the opposition is based on the morals of some religions, but he sees that being at the forefront of scientific research to improve the lives of humanity is more important to him personally. To reverse aging at the cellular level should help to reverse Alzheimer’s and other aging based diseases. Where most research into Alzheimer’s and dementia is focused on how to treat it once the disease already exists within the mind, the efforts of Hope stand apart. Perhaps preventative medicine versus treatment medicine will be the solution to this difficult aging disease.

The Best Jobs In The UK With The Wessex Institute of Technology

Working for the Wessex Institute of Technology means working for one of the world’s most prestigious research groups. They typically hire indirectly through affiliated research organizations. They also manage the funding from private and public universities to their affiliated locations.

The University of Southampton holds several different research projects with Wessex, making them an employer to watch. They will often have job postings of researchers, lab assistants, coordinators and managers. The NIHR Evaluation center is one of the more popular areas of demand.

The NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre is one of the research wings associated with the Wessex Institute. They will often fill research contracts that are submitted by the Department of Health.

The Southampton Health Technology Assessments Centre is another place to look for research jobs. They are responsible for evaluating drugs in relation to a variety of common diseases. They look into improving the conditions for cancer, diabetes and various mental illnesses.

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Eric Pulier’s Amazing Journey to success

Mr. Pulier is a renowned American businessman, author, technologist, philanthropist, public speaker and family man. He has established over 15 successful companies, selling his latest for $350 million. He is the proud owner of a beautiful restaurant in Santa Monica, which is attached to his nightclub. Eric’s ability to make diamonds from coal started way back when he was just a young boy. He was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey where he had his elementary education, and exposed his brilliance in fourth grade when he started programming computers. He had already started his own database computer company by the time he finished high school in 1984. Eric advanced his studies at Harvard University where he majored in English and Literature, and wrote the Harvard Crimson, the school’s daily newspaper. In 1991, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue other careers.

Pulier’s computer program included several competitions and prizes for people who were willing to work themselves to their fullest potential. His aim was to help teens and children who did not have financial ability to achieve their dreams. He did not end his love story with needy children there; he started a camp for children with chronic illnesses named ‘Painted Turtle’. Being the Vice President of cloud operations, Eric has generously donated time and money to see children who have special medical needs enjoying idyllic summer experience. His work with Star Bright World has seen him put money and profound technical skills to help in making a specialized social media stage for children with chronic illnesses. Through this, children can meet with others in similar conditions and interact with them, probably drawing a little inspiration.

Another memorable accomplishment for Eric Pulier was Akana. He initialized the project SOA software and got several SOA vendors under the brand in 2000. This was later sold ‘Rogue Wave Software’ after growing it to become an outstanding suite of SOA solutions. His success in publishing is well known. His book, Understanding Enterprise SOA, is highly rated for its easy to read approach, relevance and in depth insight. He also boasts of writing for Forbes.


Talk Fusion Wins Product of the Year for Its Video Chat

Talk Fusion’s revolutionary Video Chat won the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation in Brandon, Florida on August 15, 2016. The Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award honors exceptional products and services in voice, data, and video communications. Talk Fusion released Free Trials, WebRTC Recorder, and Talk Fusion Instant Pay in 2016, making it Talk Fusion’s most prosperous year.

Talk Fusion is a “revolutionary cross-communication platform” which enables you to follow your dreams and change the world around you. Talk Fusion is “dreams meeting technology.” Talk Fusion pays commissions within three minutes after a sale, and Talk Fusion offers income opportunities to people in 140 countries world wide.

Talk Fusion is inexpensive online marketing videos, emails, power point presentations, and live chats with 500 guests. Skype and FaceTime are Talk Fusion Video Chat. Skype connects to all your devices: cell phone, personal computer, and tablet. Talk Fusion is much more than family and friends, and it is even available through the Google Play Store and from I-Tunes.

Talk Fusion engages your customers in contracts automatically. Talk Fusion uses your forms to build you an email list of interested customers.

Talk Fusion shares information with your customers through your social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Easily share personal messages and promotions with your customers. Talk Fusion tracks your effectiveness and creates reports of who looked at your webpages, who opens your emails, and who attends your webinars. Talk Fusion is an all-in-one Video Marketing Solution, which helps your business “stand out from the competition,” increases your sales and profits, and keeps your customers returning for more information.

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Why Eric Pulier Is a Popular Business Man and Philanthropist

Eric Pulier is a renowned business man, philanthropist and author. Currently based in The US, Pulier is also a successful innovator who has helped establish various businesses. Some of the businesses and companies established by Pulier have helped solve major problems across the globe. Owing to his many accomplishments, he has earned himself numerous recognition and awards. A considerable number of the companies that have been funded by the popular venture capital groups are ether co-founded of entirely established by Eric Pulier, including Enterprise Professional Services (US Interactive), rich media presentation, service oriented infrastructure and virtual desktops (Desktone).

Pulier’s Early Life and Education

Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey, United States. Pulier has always had a passion for computers and computer programming, since he was a young boy. With help from his parents, Pulier established his first company before he was through with high school education. The company was a database computer company. After completing his high school education, Pulier joined the Harvard University.

Career Life

After his graduation, Eric Pulier worked as an editor before relocating to Los Angeles in 1991. Once in Los Angeles, Pulier started another company known as People Doing Things. This new company specialized in such things as education and healthcare. Later on, he established the Digital Evolution—an interactive agency that merged with US Interactive in 1988. Pulier is also believed to have played a significant role in the formation of Starbright World—a popular, private social network.

In 1997, Eric was nominated by the US Presidential Inaugural Committee to create and execute a presidential Technology Exhibition. Over the years, the business man has accomplished a lot. For instance, he is the co-founder of Service Mesh, Inc. He has also served in various positions in the past; he once was the president for Cloud at Computer Sciences Corporation and the general manager for CSC Australia Pty. Ltd.

In addition to being a successful investor, Pulier is also a reputable philanthropist. He is said to have contributed large sums of money towards noble causes, across the world.

John Goullet Efforts to Improve IT Services

Recently, John Goullet was appointed as the principal executive of Diversant LLC. This firm specializes in the provision of staffing and IT solutions for a large variety of firms. Some of the major services provided by Diversant LLC include IT staff augmentation, direct hire and diversity solutions among others. This firm is fully certified as a minority owned business enterprise and is the largest Africa-American owned firm that specialized in IT solutions in the United States.

Through a consultative approach, employees working for Diversant LLC are in good position to understand client’s unique needs and develop better solutions that guarantee maximum satisfaction. One of the factors that have contributed to the success of this firm is diversity. Diversification has gone a mile ahead to create a wide range of solutions for clients thus maintaining good relations.

Services Provided

Being a successful staffing agency, Diversant recruits individuals with different abilities and capacities to work for various businesses. This firm uses unique personal approaches to screen potential clients and find the best solutions that suit their needs. Very technological ideas are implemented to find better solutions for different problems that tend to arise from time to time. Diversant LLC not only recognizes the clients but also the partners and the community within the working environment.

Management of the Firm

This great firm is led by a team of experienced specialists that include John Goullet who serves as the chairman and the principal executive. Being a seasoned and talented IT specialist, John has played an important role in the development different successful ventures. Mr. Goullet began his lifelong career as an IT consultant and thereafter raised the bar to working as an IT staff. Later on in 1994, he founded Info Technologies a firm that specialized in the provision of IT staffing solutions. Info Technologies served Fortune 500 firms across the nation. In 2010, Diversant Inc., merged with Info Technologies to officially form Diversant LLC.