Tickets To Broadway Shows And More Can Be Discounted With A Magnises Membership

Even though it’s not always good to dwell on the past, talking about some of the past events that Magnises has hosted or had access to may help you to understand what Magnises can truly offer. “Hamilton” is a Broadway show was so popular that everyone was talking about it and it was sold out on a regular basis. A Magnises member who was interested in going to the show could’ve made reservations for a special price of $200 on the orchestra side, or could pay $275 for orchestra center. Although this is past and gone, it’s important to mention that Magnises members got discounted tickets.

There are other events that are based on fashion, culture, theater and more, and Magnises members can also enjoy these events by either making reservations or showing up at the door. Many events that will include Magnises members will allow them to get discounts of some kind, which is part of the reason why having a Magnises membership is so crucial. Even those who love to to shows, private events, and concerts can go with their membership to experience it in a different way, especially if they get into private events with a star, which happens once in a while. See:

There are also evenings that are only for members, and you’ll never have to worry about being held the door and not be allowed inside because you’re a member on, so there’s never a hassle. Enjoying the nightlife is one of the great benefits of being a Magnises member, and VIP benefits can come with the membership as well. You can get into certain events that have reserved tables from a Magnises, and you can even get into the VIP section as well. Let’s talk about Good Life Saturdays.

The Good Life Saturdays is fun and is a great place to bring a lot of your friends, even if they are not currently a Magnises member. Those who want to be a VIP for the night can bring up to 20 people total to get inside, and no one has to wait in line or pay a cover charge, and everyone will be able to sit in the VIP section on There are also three bottles of complementary alcohol, which means you and up to 19 of your friends can enjoy yourself for the evening in a section that’s coveted by everyone else in the room.

Even your vacations can be different if you are a Magnises member, so use your Magnises membership to get discounts, especially if you stay in hotels. Magnises strives to be a membership that everyone wants to have, not just the millennials. Many different kinds of people are joining Magnises after learning about the benefits, and paying the $250 membership fee comes like nothing to many people because they know the benefits makes the membership worth paying for. Why haven’t you become a Magnises member? Now that you know just how much the membership can offer you, get your membership today.