Bernardo Chua Traverses The Boundaries As Organo Gold Ventures Into Turkey

Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO of Organo Gold, a gourmet coffee firm that works to serve the consumers’ active lifestyles. Chua has been in the forefront of Organo Gold’s leadership since 2008 and helped the company achieve significant success through network marketing.

According to The Street, Bernado Chua has transformed the operation of multilevel marketing and received accolades for the same. Chua is a recipient of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The firm sells certified organic Ganoderma Licidium through various personal care products, coffee, tea, and nutraceuticals.

The unique products are offered through an independent distribution network, and its coffee marketed through the Coffee Connoisseur Club based in Canada and the U.S. The company is privately held and has offices in over 35 countries across the globe.

Organo Gold Venture Into Turkey

The Organo Gold’s CEO Bernardo Chua recently opened an office in Turkey to mark the 39th nation that the firm has ventured into, and still counting. Chua indicated that the move is in line with the company’s Global Footprint Initiative.

Turkey is centrally placed to unite the African, Asian, and European markets. That enables the company to serve its distributors and clients across the diverse region effectively.

Bernardo Chua’s decision to expand to Turkey was informed by Country’s love for coffee, having opened its pioneering coffee house in the early 15th century. Turkey exhibits a natural measure with the coffee beverage being a common and highly sought after commodity.

Coffee has in fact become part of the national culture, and the appetite for quality brands seems to be on the rise. Bernardo Chua recognizes the modern savvy and enthusiasm for healthy products, and the Organo Gold offers just that.

Holton Buggs, the executive vice president of Organo Gold also noted the Turkey’s increased passion for active lifestyle products and the expanding nutraceutical market.

That has grown the product awareness and demand for Organo Gold products across the nation000. The company strives to serve the passionate client base that wants to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

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