Norman Pattiz Brings in a New Podcast that Will Spook You

Norman Pattiz, the founder and executive chair of PodcastOne announced the addition of a new Podcast show, Beyond the Darkness, which will be featured in the Jericho Network collection. This show is bound to be both scary and entertaining as it explores one of the most feared topics in life, the paranormal activity.


Already leading one of America’s largest radio networks, Norman Pattiz is with no doubt a master of establishing trends with radio topics that draw in thousands of listeners. Who wouldn’t want to know about the unseen world of paranormal? Superstitious or not, we all wouldn’t mind getting a slight glimpse into the world of aliens, ghouls, demons, ghosts and monsters.


Humans have a natural curiosity to explore the unexplained, a revelation Norman Pattiz is heavily capitalizing on. He strategically adds this new Podcast show into the Jericho Collection, a network under his PodcastOne umbrella that is headed by the former WWE wrestler, Chris Jericho. Since establishing the Jericho Collection, Chris has managed to push the daily topics beyond wrestling to include comedic acts that kept his listeners entertained. By adding Beyond the Darkness to his list of shows, he is taking on a fresh direction that will definitely keep the loyal listeners whilst bringing in newcomers.


To make the show authentic, Norman Pattiz calls the expertise of Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader to host the show. Tim and Dave come from a strong background of hosting shows touching on the paranormal, and they already have built a large crowd of tuned in listeners. By using a popular network platform owned by Christ and calling in a duo that are kings of the paranormal broadcast network, this new show is bound to surpass many rival podcast networks with the command of this new subject matter.


The Beyond the Darkness show will take a fresh approach on this bizarre and rarely talked about topic, bringing in experts and real witnesses to give their own personal accounts. Norman aims to make the show as authentic as possible while raising the hairs of his audience by giving insights into a world beyond our normal gaze.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is the current executive chair of PodcastOne and Launchpad Digital Media. Previously, Norman founded WestWoodOne which is the largest radio network provider of sports, news, entertainment, reality talk shows as well as traffic programming in the broadcast industry. WestWood One managed popular networks like CBS News, NFL Football, CNN Radio, NCAA Basketball, the Mutual Broadcasting System to mention a few.


Norman Pattiz has also served in the USA Broadcasting Board of Governors both under former US presidents Clinton and Bush. This broadcast board is responsible for overseeing all radio services that are nonmilitary and based in the US.

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