Mike Heiligenstein and the Regional Mobility Authority

Mike Heiligenstein serves in the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority as its Executive Director. The agency’s mission is to implement and innovate the transportation solutions so as to avoid congestion and offer several transportation choices that meet the diverse mobility needs of Central Texas. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: http://www.supplychaindigital.com/International-Bridge-Tunnel-and-Turnpike-Association/executives/Mike-Heiligenstein/31

The independent government agency was started in 2002, and ever since, Mike Heiligenstein has been in charge, overseeing most of its projects. An example of a project that he oversaw is 183A in Williamson County, which was one of the first projects that the agency took.

The project was also one of a kind because it transitioned to all-electronic, cashless toll collection. As the Executive Director, Mike Heiligenstein is responsible for leading the professional staff who are experts in their area of specialization. He has Masters Degrees in both Government and Business Administration. With his knowledge in infrastructure, Mike gets regular invites to speak on transportation both in Texas and nationally.

Before joining the Mobility Authority, Mike served for about 23 years in Williamson County as an elected official. At the county, he was responsible for ensuring that water, waste and infrastructure issues as a whole were taken care of and expanded accordingly.

The Mobility has a seven-member Board of Directors. Currently, Mike works for the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike as the President and also on the Advisory Board of the Texas A and M Transportation Institute, where he advises on the transportation issues.

One of the biggest problems in Williamson County is traffic that is why transportation was the primary focus of discussion during the Williamson County Growth Summit held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center. Some experts gathered to offer solutions, among them was Mike Heiligenstein.

Other members of the panel included Joseph Kopser, the founder of RideScout LLC., Leandre Johns, Texas External Affairs Director of Uber Technologies Inc., and Jared Ficklin, a designer. Citing on how technology is affecting the face of transportation in Texas and the world, Heiligenstein noted that the only way to meet the mobility demands is to invest in developing the transportation capacity by building smarter, efficient, and more technically advanced roads in Austin.

Mike was not fully into the autonomous vehicles as he thought that people would take more time to get used to them and the process would be exhausting, and so instead people should focus on improving the capacity of the roads buses.

Ficklin had a word for the policymakers that they should ensure that building and land-use codes stay flexible in case the autonomous vehicles are introduced. According to Johns, commuters need to use first- and last-mile solutions like Uber to get them onto and off public transit.