Dilemma of Wikipedia Editors in Deciding Whether Obama Is Still the President Moments before Trump Inauguration and Benefits of Wikipedia

On the morning of January 20, 2016, Wikipedia editors were not sure who to name the US president. The updates oscillated between President Obama and President Trump depending on the political affiliations of the source of information. The crowd still recognizing Barrack as the president until Trump inauguration sent information to the editors of their stand. Likewise, Trump supporters edited the crowd-sourced encyclopedia to show that Donald Trump was the president. The crowd supporting Obama argued that he was still the head of state until he handed over power officially to the president-elect that noon. Besides, the pro-Trump editors updated that he had become the president by 12.01 A.M.

Notably, Wikipedia acquires information from the encyclopedia. The members of the public can edit some of the information available in these pages. Some of the information put on the encyclopedia by the crowd was unauthentic and unreliable. This reason made it difficult for the Wikipedia editors to update their pages about the US president on an inaugural morning. However, the editors of Wikipedia had to rely on protected pages that cannot be manipulated by public.

Wikipedia is an online site that you can use to promote your business as well as yourself. The tool is an open source that does not rely on content writers while creating their posts.

It is imperative that you upload your business, brand or your name on Wikipedia to start enjoying the following benefits.

1. A more visible brand on online search engines like Google. Notably, Wikipedia content appears among the top five results after searching thus increasing the chances of the public seeing your profile and your business details.
2. Opportunity to update your profile constantly as well as your business particulars on a regular basis.
3. Placing your business on Wikipedia will result in more sales. Wikipedia acts as a platform for advertising your enterprise.
4. Your personal brand and business will become prestigious, trustworthy and very authentic when you put them on Wikipedia.

It is very easy to create a Wiki page for your business or brand on Wikipedia. To succeed, ensure that your business is famous and someone has written and posted various articles about your enterprise online. After formulating a Wikipedia account, find content based articles talking about your firm or your personal brand. The information should be accessible on the internet. Having all these in place implies you are ready to create your wiki posts.