Kim Dao Plays Pokemon GO in Tokyo

Kim Dao shares one of her fun eventful days in Tokyo, Japan in the video “A Day in Tokyo, Japan: Harajuku, Shibuya, Akihabara Pokémon GO EDITION.” As the title entails, and from looking at what Kim Dao is wearing at the beginning of the video, it’s pretty clear that this day is going to involve some Pokémon gaming. She’s sporting a pink hat, and she has Pikachu adorning her shoulder. Kim Dao confirms that she will indeed be spending the day catching Pokémon in three different parts of Tokyo. Her first stop is Harajuku, and the streets are very busy so this should be interesting and fun to see how she plays the game with such a heavy crowd. Kim Dao makes her first Pokémon GO capture of the day when she spots Poliwag on the street and captures him instantly. It’s such an interactive video, and the viewer feels as if they’re in Kim Dao’s shoes. Honestly, this is a video that will teach you exactly how to play Pokémon GO if you’ve never played it before. Kim Dao is definitely in the zone when it comes to this game, and it’s so fun to feel as if you’re a part of the excitement with her.

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Lime Crime: The Secret To Doe Deere’s Success

When Doe Deere created her cosmetics line Lime Crime in 2008, she wanted to send the message to beauty consumers that makeup should be about unapologetic self-expression rather than hiding flaws and imperfections. That’s why Lime Crime products are formulated with intense pigmentation and come in shades of outrageous neon pastels.


Deere, born in Russia but raised in New York City, started experimenting with bright and colorful makeup when she was just a little girl sitting at her mother’s vanity. From an early age, Deere was devoted to her own unique aesthetic of bold color statements and attention-grabbing textures.


When Deere launched Lime Crime, her products were the embodiment of her lifelong aesthetic of whimsical and colorful self-expression. She built her brand to cater to millennials who felt the need to fearlessly experiment with makeup and didn’t want to stick to current trends and fleeting fads.


Today, her company brings in enormous revenue and her social media followers are in the millions. Lime Crime products are so coveted by makeup lovers that Urban Outfitters stocked the brand’s signature lipsticks on its shelves.


Deere’s entrepreneurial intuition has been the secret to her success all along. Before starting a makeup line, Deere sold her DIY fashion creations on eBay in 2004. Today, her sense of business savvy has ensured that she makes each decision using her gut instincts.


Deere’s unique approach to makeup has earned the company countless loyal customers who purchase new Lime Crime products as soon as they hit the brand’s e-commerce website. Because the brand’s aesthetic is so unique, Deere can easy formulate each new product with her customers’ needs in mind.


Before a new product is launched, Deere tests it on herself first. She won’t allow a single product to hit her store until she knows that it is true to her own creative vision.


She also credits the success of her company with her insistence on creating a positive work environment for her employees. Lime Crime is all about having fun, and therefore her employees should look forward to coming to work each day. Instead of dictating orders to her staff, she treats each employee with respect and listens to their needs.


If one thing is certain, it’s that Deere has created a beauty empire by trusting her own aesthetic instincts. Lime Crime continues to sell out products and beauty bloggers can’t wait to get their hands on whatever exciting new lipstick or eyeshadow Deere is going to come up with next.


The Amazing Growth Of 400% For Waiakea Inc.

What happens when you combine a visionary young lad with a dream to create a sustainable and healthy brand as well as a strong zeal to giving back to the community? You end up with Ryan Emmons, the founder of Waiakea Inc. which has become one of the fastest growing bottled water brand in the country with a growth of 400% in last three years. This company is indeed a great company with few noble causes that is still continuing to grow at an astonishing pace.

While the bottled water industry has been dominated by a few giant brands for last few decades, it seemed like impossible to penetrate this market, and there was hardly anyone who even thought about this. But this was not the case of Emmons.

At the age of 22, this young entrepreneur realized that there is a gap in this market and he was quick enough to found his venture in 2012, Waiakea Inc. According to PR News Wire, this company is popular for its Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water which comes in a bottle with a sleek and patented design.

What makes this brand different from other brands is its meticulous attention to quality standards, health concerns, sustainability and a philanthropic attitude. Thanks to these, Waiakea water has become one of the top premium bottled water brands, and it is available in most of the retails stores in the USA. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

These company has developed a massive infrastructure and bottling facilities. In recent times, the company is also planning to open up new facilities in different states in the USA.

It was the intention of Emmons to come up with a bottled water brand that would cater to the people with pure, healthy as well as a sustainable option. He also incorporated his passion for philanthropy and a way to give back to the community with the same brand. Thanks to his intuitive genius, Emmons managed to deliver such a trifecta in no time.

Since the inception of Waiakea water in 2012, the company registered a 400% growth in three years, and now it is considered one of top premium brands. This water actually comes from the pristine peak of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii which is a combination of snowmelt and rain water.

Forbest had ealier reported that Emmons calls it the Waiakea spring that provides he best quality water. It has lots of natural minerals and electrolytes which has been filtered through porous lava. Its taste it truly unique and delicious.

Apart from making a huge profit and growth in the beverage market, this company is focused on charities as well. They have a partnership with an international organization named through which they donate 650 liters of clean to people in remote places.

It also considered as the pioneer in introducing the first bottled water with carbon neutral certification. In recent time, they are focusing to become the World’s Greenest water brand.