Avi Weisfogel- Offering Better Sleep Solutions

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the founder of Dental Sleep Master Seminar Instructor located in New Jersey. He has specialized in sleep disorders and their treatment. Dr. Avi Weisfogel studied pursued BA in biology and psychology at Rutgers University. He also studied his DDS at the New York University College of Dentistry. He founded Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999 and operated the office for more than 15 years.


In 2010, Avi established Healthy Heart Sleep Company. This firm works with doctors across the globe on managing and establishing sleep jabs. In 2012, Dr.Avi developed Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient and started training dentists on efficient ways of increasing and serving sleeping patients. He explains why people who are overweight are the ones’ who are prone to high risk of sleep apnea because of the way fat deposits press their airway. In 2014, Avi Weisfogel tried to help the dentists to comprehend the world of sleep by establishing Dental Sleep Masters.


Dental Sleep Master model identifies problems surrounding sleep and tries to solve them. The model tries to come up with a positive environment for secondary care doctor, certified sleep physician, patients, and DME providers. This model has increased their client base since many dentists across the world have adopted this technique in treat their patients. The program strives to offer high-level clinical support and provides innovative education services that improve dentist practice.


Dr. Avi’s inspiration on the idea of establishing Dental Sleep Masters came from the fact that he had 15years experience in being a dentist and being interested in the world of sleep medicine. He also had a keen interest in marketing and business which made him join dentistry marketing clubs. In 2010 when he founded his company and developed a clear market strategy that saw him develop 250-300 oral appliances patients per mouth.


Dr. Avi tries to help dentist improve their knowledge on sleep disorder by sharing useful information with them so that they can assist their patients to get the treatment they need.


Hussain Ali Sajwani is Taking Over the Global Real Estate Sector

Hussain Ali Sajwani is an Arabian merchant and founder of DAMAC Properties. He is also a philanthropist and has ties with the president of the U.S., Donald Trump. Sajawani is married and has four children. The Hussain Sajwani family has a net worth of over $3.8 billion.

Sajwani’s educational background and role at DAMAC Properties

Sajwani studied Bachelor of Science in economics and engineering at the eminent University of Washington. He graduated in 1981 and began working at GASCO as the senior officer responsible for contracts management. A year later, he launched his business, a catering company that has since grown into the largest food businesses in Asia. Read more: Meet Our Board | DAMAC Properties

This company provides food to educational institutions, army camps, construction camp sites, and onshore/offshore locations. Sajwani launched DAMAC Properties, which is currently the most successful real estate business in the Middle East. His knowledge in the field of sales, marketing, finance, and management is the reason why this company has succeeded. Learn more about DAMAC owner: https://communityportal.loams.ae/ and http://www.damac.com/terms-of-use/

DAMAC Properties has various properties in Amman, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, London, and Dubai. This company has more than 2000 employees and is a publicly traded company with stocks at the Dubai Financial Market. Since it was formed, DAMAC Properties has worked on and delivered more than 17,900 properties. This company prides itself of its broad portfolio that has more than 44,000 properties in various stages of development. DAMAC Properties has also merged with some other popular lifestyle brands, including Versace and Fendi, to assemble new properties.

Sajwani’s other business ventures

Damac Properties also works with the Trump Organization, and together they have successfully constructed the Tiger Woods golf course. The Damac owner has other businesses, including the DICO Investments, which deals with asset management and works in collaboration with regional banks and companies.

He also owns the Al Amana Building Materials, a company that supplies materials and its headquarters is in Oman. Sajwani’s other businesses include Al Jazeira Services and the Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co. He supports and funds other charitable campaigns, such as “Dress One Million Needy Children Project.”

In 2013, he donated $2million to help vulnerable children in the society. He also loves empowering the youth as well as giving talks about entrepreneurship. Sajwani is a fan of following emerging trends in design and architecture.

The Importance of a Wedding Venue

A wedding is always supposed to be special, meaning that, you have to make it look magnificent, to achieve all this, there will be a few things in which you need to consider. One being the venue, this is something that can be a bother to most people, however, as long as you have been able to find the right venue, you are good to proceed with your planning. A place in which you can start is where you are located, no matter the place; you notice that there will be some beautiful venues.

Some of these places can be Dallas or Denver, both of which you will also be able to find George Street Photo and Video Address Locations. With such a company, you will be assured of attaining the best services. Nonetheless, you are assured that you end up attaining value for your money since you will get crisp pictures and quality video.


Win Your Fantasy Baseball League with these Waiver Wire Gems

Winning your fantasy baseball championship is about so much more than being able to draft well. In fact, as soon as the draft is over you are better off forgetting about it. Today we are going to walk you through the waiver wire gems that may be sitting in your league. These players may not be household names, but they can definitely help win you your league. The kind of advice you need can always be found, especially if you want to win your league, when the Fantasy Alarm rings.


Luis Perdomo, SP. – San Diego Padres

Starting pitching wins you baseball games in real life. As it turns out, finding a solid starter on the waiver wire can win you games in fantasy baseball as well. Luis Perdomo has been working away in San Diego, trotting out quality start after quality start without getting any wins thanks to an anemic Padre offense. Perdomo is a 70% groundball out pitcher and he can grab you some solid innings in your NL or mixed league. His K numbers likely keep Perdomo under the radar, to your benefit.


Eddie Butler, SP. – Chicago Cubs

Any pitcher on the Cubs roster is liable to score a win when they take the mound as a starter — provided they can make it the 5 IP required. Butler is coming from Colorado where he was shelled whenever he pitched at home. Wrigley Field isn’t exactly forgiving but it is an improvement on Coors Field. Butler is an innings eater who recently dominated at Triple-A and he’ll get a chance to solidify himself in Chicago’s rotation.


Wardens and corrections officers love Securus video visitation systems

In the United States prison system, one of the most serious concerns is inmates completely losing hope. An inmates who perceives himself as having nothing to live for may become dangerous to himself, other prisoners and corrections officers. It is one of the goals of the prison system to successfully re-socialize inmates, not to drive them further into isolation, antisocial behavior and the criminal lifestyle.

One of the ways in which this is being addressed is the increase capability of inmates to stay in constant contact with their loved ones. Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s leading providers of inmate communication services, has been rolling out its highly innovative video visitation system over the last 10 years. The system has been a gigantic hit with inmates as well as staff, leading to safer institutions and inmates who have a sense of hope and something to live for.

But the system has also been a huge boon to the families of the incarcerated, enabling children to stay in touch with their incarcerated fathers, parents being able to stay in touch with their children and wives being able to stay in touch with their husbands. This has also represented dramatic savings to families, who, prior to the use of VoIP-based communications technology, were often forced to pay exorbitant rates, in order to talk with their incarcerated loved ones.

Today, a video visitation typically costs less than $0.15 per minute. This allows inmates to stay in almost daily contact with their loved ones. Corrections officers have noticed a dramatic decline in behavioral problems and security violations in the institutions where Securus video visitation systems have been installed.

Not only does this system keep inmates themselves safe and give them purpose in life, it also keeps the corrections officers and other staff, who are charged with keeping America’s prisons running, themselves safe from violent inmates who have lost all hope.

Jason Hope: The Internet of Things is on the Rise.

Science fiction, say hello to reality. The Internet of Things has come to us in time to change the world, change the way we live, and change the tech industry forever. Jason Hope is an acclaimed futurist, an important philanthropist, and a tech entrepreneur that is currently dominating the industry. Hope has put his faith and belief in the Internet of Things and now we are going to talk to you as to why you should to.

The Internet of Things refers to the way objects can interact with the internet via a wireless connection. Consider the watch you wear around your wrist that tracks your steps taken, calories burned, and heart rate. Then look to street lights that automate when they come on and off due to a central server negotiating with weather information. The Internet of Things is going to change the way you live your life by bringing automation to it in a real way. Jason Hope knows this and that’s why he has been touting it as the most important growth in the tech industry. Hope believes that companies should get ahead of the pack by starting to develop for the growing Internet of Things.

Hope points to the airline industry as an example of an industry trying to embrace the Internet of Things. He points to how Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787 jets utilize the Internet of Things in order to ensure the safety of their vehicles. These jets are configured, from tail to nose, to interface directly with the internet in order to keep everything as safe and functional as possible. The moment anything goes wrong, a message is sent and people are aware of it.Outside of the actual plane, Jason Hope believes that airline companies are going to embrace the Internet of Things in order to enhance their customer service. Examples include baggage carrying procedures that include GPS trackers to heighten accuracy as well as on board conveniences. These improved systems certainly seem like a good idea to us and Jason Hope believes that they’ll be an industry game changer. Get on board, the Internet of Things is coming.

Doe Deere is Success Because She Listens

The Doe Deere brand of cosmetics is one of the most important brands in the cosmetics market. She has been able to create a very important brand, and much of what she does comes down to the fact that she listens to her fan base. Her customers like her because she listens. Her employees respect her because she listens. Doe Deere has often stated that she even listens to those people that do not like her. This a surefire sign that she is passionate about her business. She has been willing to open her eyes and take a look at the way things are with anyone that may have heard of her brand.


The best thing about Doe Deere is that she is someone that willing to take the input and make changes. Everyone that sets eyes on the Lime Crime brand will notice that this is much different than anything else. Doe Deere has said that she is trying to create a brand that is going to actually promote self-expression. She wanted to do more than just conceal the imperfections with her makeup. Doe Deere wants to build up the Lime Crime brand as something that would stand out from the competition.


She was born in Russia, and this would lay the great foundation that would give her something different than what was in the United States. Doe Deere was born outside of America, so she would bring her own unique perspective to New York. Her upbringing and the way she gravitated towards American culture would give her access to a huge fan base.


Doe Deere is doing a lot more with Lime Crime than most other companies have done in the past. This is a person that has created a brand that will worked well with people that are trying to get a much different look than they have had in the past. This is almost something of a futuristic look for cosmetics, and Doe Deere wants people to respect her process for pushing the cosmetics world forward. She knew it was pertinent to do something different in order to build up her brand.


What Doe Deere is doing now is giving inspiration to a lot of other females. She is creating a name for herself and giving advice to women through Instagram. She is an innovation that is challenging so many other female leaders to be unique.


Read further at http://guestofaguest.com/los-angeles/interview/interview-lime-crimes-doe-deere-on-how-to-make-your-dreams-come-true.


Jason Halpern, Successful Managing Partner and Founder of JMH Development

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Jason Halpern has been a Managing Partner and Founder of JMH Development which is a family business since 2010. JMH Development is a real estate company with a track record of over 50years of property management and constructions in New York City.

About Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern’s unique expertise in the real estate industry has led JMH in the development and acquisition of several properties. Currently, JMH has about 500 million dollars invested in innovative projects within New York City. Jason differentiates himself from other developers by maximizing on his niche and passion for building in districts with historic sites.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft Property

Jason dedicates his free time towards charitable endeavors within his community. For example, Jason has invested in the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center located at the Westchester Medical Center. This center has the facilities to handle emergency and complex neurosurgery, burnt victims, internal injuries, orthopedic surgery as well as open-heart surgery.

About the JMH Development

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

JMH Development is a leading property development firm that focuses on commercial and residential properties in the US. JMH is responsible for the development of many unique properties in Miami Beach, Brook, and Manhattan’s high-end markets. JMH has a committed and dedicated professional team that are well-versed in aspects of branding, marketing, construction, and the development procedure. JMH also aims at delivering high-quality properties in the real estate industry. JMH converted a Brooklyn waterfront warehouse into 340 luxurious rental apartments. JMH is also eyeing the development of nine luxury townhouses situated in Cobble Hill.

In 2015, JMH entered into an innovative partnership with a non-profit global water charity by donating 20,000 dollars to assist in the funding of water projects in Nepal and Ethiopia. As a result, JMH provides safe and clean water to over 650 Nepalese and Ethiopian locals.

Aloft South Beach

Jason Halpern: with Production

Aloft is a hotel that was newly constructed in the South Beach with the availability of rooms with a large setup. Aloft South Beach is strategically placed at a waterfront location which enables people to access the Collins Canal as well as Lake Pancoast easily. This hotel is only minutes away from other major establishments like the restaurants, bars, boutiques, the Miami Beach Convention Center and art galleries like the Bass Museum of Art.

Jason’s Family

In addition, the hotel’s guests have access to an outdoor pool, a roof lounge deck, a fitness center that is opened 24/7 and a large hall room that is used for business and social meetings. Aloft offers customers and distinguished guests the Starwood Preferred Guest program which is a rich real estate loyalty program. Through this loyalty program, members can earn and redeem points for hotel room stays, room upgrades, and flights.

JMH development under the stewardship of Jason has been successful in its activities and more is expected as the company is set to transform the real estate development sector.

The Best Jobs In The UK With The Wessex Institute of Technology

Working for the Wessex Institute of Technology means working for one of the world’s most prestigious research groups. They typically hire indirectly through affiliated research organizations. They also manage the funding from private and public universities to their affiliated locations.

The University of Southampton holds several different research projects with Wessex, making them an employer to watch. They will often have job postings of researchers, lab assistants, coordinators and managers. The NIHR Evaluation center is one of the more popular areas of demand.

The NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre is one of the research wings associated with the Wessex Institute. They will often fill research contracts that are submitted by the Department of Health.

The Southampton Health Technology Assessments Centre is another place to look for research jobs. They are responsible for evaluating drugs in relation to a variety of common diseases. They look into improving the conditions for cancer, diabetes and various mental illnesses.

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Jason Hope Consultant

Recently writing for Engadget, author Jesse Boskoff presented entrepreneur Jason Hope’s stance on the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things describes the increasing number of products that are connected to the Internet for additional features.

Hope believes that the Internet of Things represents the future and the Engadget article outlines his reasons for that. Hope is a futurist with a firm belief that persistently connected technology will make the world a better place.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur with an education in finance and business. He attended Arizona State University for both his bachelor’s degree in finance and his MBA. Today, he is a consultant for companies that look toward the future. Jason Hope provides guidance and resources for companies that are increasingly looking for digital solutions to problems, as well as companies trying to remain on the cutting edge of their industries.

Hope pushes innovation through his actions as a consultant as well as through his philanthropy and grants, which provide money for individuals with futurist visions. Hope is a leader in the business community and has made a name for himself pushing forward and seeing possibilities and promise in technology. Hope sets himself apart with his interest in human progress and the building of a safer, easier society through the Internet of Things.

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