Alexandre Gama Grows

Alexandre Gama’s life was not always easy. In fact, he began small and moved his way up the chain of power. He now holds multiple copywriting awards and many years of writing and editing experience. In addition, Alexandre Gama is the current owner and head founder of Neogama, which he started himself in 1999: He had little help but plenty of experience and more than enough motivation to get him started.

Alexander Gama’s an inspiration and a legend in Brazilian copywriting as well as a true grammar king. He has done what many have claimed impossible or even improbable in his lifetime and still promises to do more. He is one of Brazil’s best writers, if not the best – according to many sources. He holds that hard work and respect for one’s culture and fellow neighbor are pivotal points to making a difference in this world and to advancing in rank.


As CEO of JHSF, AuriemoNeto has driven serious growth

As one of Brazil’s most successful real estate development firms, JHSF Participacaoes has grown from little more than a family office into one of the most prominent real estate development companies in all of Latin America. It has developed some of the most important projects in Brazil, including major airports, high-rise condominium complexes as well as some of the country’s most luxurious shopping centers. The company has been an instrumental part in Brazil’s incredible development over the last 40 years. Today, the company stands as the undisputed champion of the Brazilian real estate development game. If the past is any guide, it will continue to be a major player in the real estate development space, for decades to come.

One of the seminal events in the company’s history was when it was taken over by Jose AuriemoNeto from his dad, Fabio Auriemo. Fabio Auriemo had built the firm from the ground up, going from a small company with virtually no employees to one of the largest real estate development firms in Brazil. Many wondered if AuriemoNeto would be able to fill his father’s shoes and lead the company in a way that would ensure continued growth. They didn’t have to wait for long. AuriemoNeto’s tenure proved to be, by far, the most lucrative period in the company’s history.

In 2007, AuriemoNeto decided to take the company public. The initial public offering was one of the largest of its kind, breaking all prior records for real estate development firms going public on Bovespa, the Brazilian stock market. Raising over $100 million, the IPO allowed AuriemoNeto more working capital than he had ever had at his disposal before. He quickly put it to excellent use, making a string of strategic acquisitions, including the entire Fasano hotel chain in 2014.

The latter acquisition has given JHSF Participacaoes an international presence. As one of the premier operators of luxury hotel in Brazil today, as well as many properties across the globe, the Fasano hotel chain is a perfect fit for the company that has such an indelible reputation for producing the most luxurious real estate in Brazil.

Tammy Mazzocco Refines the Real Estate Business

When Tammy Mazzocco started as a secretary at a local commercial real estate company, she had no intention of ever becoming a real estate sales agent. However after working a few years in the supportive role, she saw several people that she knew to get into the sales end of the business and they did well, for the most part.

Tammy Mazzocco hooked up with her friend and mentor Judy Gang and her group who helped her gets started and as they say, the rest is history. Tammy loves the sales part of real estate because it is essentially a people business, and Tammy loves people. She says that she gets the greatest kick out of the business when she is able to put a family into the home of their dreams.

Tammy pretty well has the real estate business down to a science where she knows that if she does certain things, certain results will follow. She is a believer in the process of setting goals because that keeps her going in the right direction. She then likes to break things down into smaller portions so that the goal is easier to accomplish.

When asked what the most important thing that she does to stay successful she states without hesitation that getting out into the field and showing prospective buyers houses is the most important activity. Everything else that she does must point towards that end.

Tammy gets to the office early to clear her desk, so to speak, of paperwork, emails and similar tasks. Then she is either on the phone setting appointments or leaving to show houses. The two to three day time spent with a prospective buyer is golden because that is her chance to really bond with the family and to establish the trust that is needed to close the sale.

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Rick Smith: The Catalyst for Prison Industries

Rick Smith is currently the CEO of Securus. This is a prison industry company that has worked hard to make sure that they are able to provide people with different options that they need for the prison. While Rick Smith is dedicated to making the prison better all around, he likes to focus the majority of the Securus efforts on how he can help the prison administration. Smith starts with the administration of most of the prisons that he works with because he knows that they need the proper support to be able to run the prison the right way. While the prison company is able to help prisoners in some ways, most of the things that the prisoners get are just a byproduct of the support that Securus is providing to help make prison administration better. Read more articles at

One of the biggest things that the company has done is install kiosks in the prisons. They have intake kiosks, visitor kiosks and even ones that are used on the cell blocks in the prisons that have them. Rick Smith has done a lot to make sure that he can show people the right way to use these kiosks and to help people get everything that they need to make things better for the prisons to be able to run more efficiently. For example, the kiosks that are in the blocks of the prison can be used for everything from getting an envelope to scheduling some type of meeting with administration.

The kiosks also work to cut down the workload that the correctional officers have to do. The inmates are able to do a lot more than what they were in the past because of these kiosks. The officers can focus more on protecting the prison and making sure that it is secure because the kiosks are able to provide the prisoners with the basic things that they need through the kiosks. Things like phone calls, emails and other options are now something that people can use to make things easier on them and to give the guards more time to make sure that the prison is as secure as possible for the people on the inside and the outside. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

As Securus continues to grow, Rick Smith hopes to add more technology to the things that he is doing with Securus. He plans on making it something that is more secure and has more options for people who are in the prison. Because of everything that Rick Smith Securus has done and has been able to do, it has grown. More prisons than ever are taking advantage of the options that Securus has for them to make their administration better.

Madison Street Capital is a Guru in Investment Banking Industries

We are all defined by what we do. Apparently, a man may have made money, and in return, money could have done man mad. However, as for Madison Street Capital reputation, they are defined by a top story on what they do when it comes to financial matters. Suppose you are a middle market company suffering from financial instability, then here is a remedy with a solution to your problem.


AS a multi-national company with 51-200 employees, it is dated back to its foundation in 2005, with an ambitious aim of venturing into the investment banking industry. It, therefore, focuses on assisting clients in a range of industries by understanding their unique demands and analyzing them with precise recommendations. As a privately held company, in a way to manipulate their work to clients they provide financial services such as business valuation and financial reports, corporate advisory services and giving you financial opinions respectively. Based in Chicago- Illinois they also have other offices in North America, Africa, and Asia.


Meanwhile, as they lead in providing mergers and acquisitions (M & A) advisory services, like a two-sided sharp edged sword that can cut from both sides, being a multinational company it also provides corporate governance both internationally and domestically. It is essential to note that in their niche they assist clients first to understand the business, which creates a precise image of the company’s current and future state opportunities.


With a team of experienced workers on board, they have a well-known reputation for excellence and reliability in the investment industry establishing themselves as leaders in their field of jurisdiction. Following the recent devastating disasters in the Midwest and the Gulf Coast which hit the headlines by covering over a dozen states, it left families and lives in miserable condition. With efforts of providing a flexible response to the drawback faced.


Madison Street Capital has shown their philanthropic value by supporting organizations such as the United way based in Alexandria Virginia and administers the Midwest and South Disaster Fund. Both firms work shoulder to shoulder by diligently making a difference to the local and global communities through a strong public engagement capacity facing of the challenges experienced in their firm. They have a promising future despite the report of poor performance across most hedge fund strategies in 2015. However, conditions favored them in the fourth quarter of 2015 and gave them a platform to grow stronger. When the chela is ready, the guru must appear therefore here is our financial solution, Guru Madison Street Capital.


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Kevin Seawright: Economic Strategist

Kevin Seawright has been a leading economic strategist in the New Jersey area for over ten years. He has experience working in financial management, reforming business processes, and managing capital. He was awarded an MBA at Almeda University in 2006 and recently completed an Executive Leadership degree at Mendoza College of Business in 2016.

He started his career with Baltimore City Government, beginning as the Payroll Director and moving up to become the Director of Finance and Chief Financial and Facilities Officer before becoming the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of the Housing Authority, Department of Housing and Community Development, Department of Recreation and Parks, and the Education Department.

Crunchbase revealed that Kevin Seawright managed an annual budget of $134 million and allocated $52 million in state capital and $18 million in city capital. He also managed $600 million budget for school renovations for three years.

After he left Baltimore City Government in 2011, he served as the Vice President of Operations at Tito Contractors in Washington, D.C. where he restructured the company’s accounting department and reorganized its internal and external audit process. He also improved the company’s bottom line with aggressive collective bargaining.

In 2013, he became the Executive Director of Operations at Collington Episcopal Life Care Community where he provided strategic financial plans and change management for the organization’s property management, maintenance, and construction projects.

Kevin Seawright moved on to be Executive Vice President and CFO at Newark Community Economic Development Corporation in 2014. He managed the executive operational and financial responsibilities for the real estate start-up company.

Most recently, Seawright is the managing partner and COO of RPS Solutions LLC where he oversees all the company’s operations, striving to make a more diverse community through the home ownership market.

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Eric Pulier and the Art of Business Development.

Getting to peak behind the thought process of an entrepreneur can be both enlightening and important to the growth of a burgeoning entrepreneur themselves. Eric Pulier is a New Jersey native who has been making waves in the tech industry ever since he surfaced in 1991. Pulier grew up in New Jersey before graduating from Harvard. Since then he has founded or financed at least 15 different companies, including his prized foundation, XPrize. Pulier has been known for his candor when it comes to explaining his thought process and we were all too eager to delve into it.


When you sit down with Eric Pulier one thing becomes abundantly clear, he is no ordinary entrepreneur. Pulier has prided himself on behaving in a forward thinking way for years and this has given him the chance to accurately forecast trends, establish his own practices, and maneuver ahead of the competition. Becker says that the key to his success as an entrepreneur, however, has been one thing only: “Persistence.” Pulier goes on to say, “Not everything works the first time you try it and most products are not exactly what you imagined in the beginning.” Pulier goes on to describe how it is important to push through top patches before finally saying, “The best entrepreneurs can change and adjust as necessary.”


Eric Pulier’s success has been so rampant that it is hard to look back at the beginning when he got it all started. Pulier admits that he likely wouldn’t even change anything even if he got the chance to start over. Pulier admits, however, that he did have one failure that notably haunts him. Pulier says, “I sold a company that I had worked very hard on for years, often making payroll from my own pocket.” The problem, Pulier says, was heartbreaking. Pulier says, “When the acquisition concluded we found that key promises from the acquirere were not going to be kept.” Pulier says he rebounded from this problem by focusing on people, not products and opting instaed to surround himself with only the best of the best people around the industry.

Avi Weisfogel- Offering Better Sleep Solutions

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the founder of Dental Sleep Master Seminar Instructor located in New Jersey. He has specialized in sleep disorders and their treatment. Dr. Avi Weisfogel studied pursued BA in biology and psychology at Rutgers University. He also studied his DDS at the New York University College of Dentistry. He founded Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999 and operated the office for more than 15 years.


In 2010, Avi established Healthy Heart Sleep Company. This firm works with doctors across the globe on managing and establishing sleep jabs. In 2012, Dr.Avi developed Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient and started training dentists on efficient ways of increasing and serving sleeping patients. He explains why people who are overweight are the ones’ who are prone to high risk of sleep apnea because of the way fat deposits press their airway. In 2014, Avi Weisfogel tried to help the dentists to comprehend the world of sleep by establishing Dental Sleep Masters.


Dental Sleep Master model identifies problems surrounding sleep and tries to solve them. The model tries to come up with a positive environment for secondary care doctor, certified sleep physician, patients, and DME providers. This model has increased their client base since many dentists across the world have adopted this technique in treat their patients. The program strives to offer high-level clinical support and provides innovative education services that improve dentist practice.


Dr. Avi’s inspiration on the idea of establishing Dental Sleep Masters came from the fact that he had 15years experience in being a dentist and being interested in the world of sleep medicine. He also had a keen interest in marketing and business which made him join dentistry marketing clubs. In 2010 when he founded his company and developed a clear market strategy that saw him develop 250-300 oral appliances patients per mouth.


Dr. Avi tries to help dentist improve their knowledge on sleep disorder by sharing useful information with them so that they can assist their patients to get the treatment they need.


Hussain Ali Sajwani is Taking Over the Global Real Estate Sector

Hussain Ali Sajwani is an Arabian merchant and founder of DAMAC Properties. He is also a philanthropist and has ties with the president of the U.S., Donald Trump. Sajawani is married and has four children. The Hussain Sajwani family has a net worth of over $3.8 billion.

Sajwani’s educational background and role at DAMAC Properties

Sajwani studied Bachelor of Science in economics and engineering at the eminent University of Washington. He graduated in 1981 and began working at GASCO as the senior officer responsible for contracts management. A year later, he launched his business, a catering company that has since grown into the largest food businesses in Asia. Read more: Meet Our Board | DAMAC Properties

This company provides food to educational institutions, army camps, construction camp sites, and onshore/offshore locations. Sajwani launched DAMAC Properties, which is currently the most successful real estate business in the Middle East. His knowledge in the field of sales, marketing, finance, and management is the reason why this company has succeeded. Learn more about DAMAC owner: and

DAMAC Properties has various properties in Amman, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, London, and Dubai. This company has more than 2000 employees and is a publicly traded company with stocks at the Dubai Financial Market. Since it was formed, DAMAC Properties has worked on and delivered more than 17,900 properties. This company prides itself of its broad portfolio that has more than 44,000 properties in various stages of development. DAMAC Properties has also merged with some other popular lifestyle brands, including Versace and Fendi, to assemble new properties.

Sajwani’s other business ventures

Damac Properties also works with the Trump Organization, and together they have successfully constructed the Tiger Woods golf course. The Damac owner has other businesses, including the DICO Investments, which deals with asset management and works in collaboration with regional banks and companies.

He also owns the Al Amana Building Materials, a company that supplies materials and its headquarters is in Oman. Sajwani’s other businesses include Al Jazeira Services and the Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co. He supports and funds other charitable campaigns, such as “Dress One Million Needy Children Project.”

In 2013, he donated $2million to help vulnerable children in the society. He also loves empowering the youth as well as giving talks about entrepreneurship. Sajwani is a fan of following emerging trends in design and architecture.

The Importance of a Wedding Venue

A wedding is always supposed to be special, meaning that, you have to make it look magnificent, to achieve all this, there will be a few things in which you need to consider. One being the venue, this is something that can be a bother to most people, however, as long as you have been able to find the right venue, you are good to proceed with your planning. A place in which you can start is where you are located, no matter the place; you notice that there will be some beautiful venues.

Some of these places can be Dallas or Denver, both of which you will also be able to find George Street Photo and Video Address Locations. With such a company, you will be assured of attaining the best services. Nonetheless, you are assured that you end up attaining value for your money since you will get crisp pictures and quality video.